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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    This report states that of the £5bn put aside by the MOD for repairs in service housing £2bn is going to a private company to pay rent. Where does the money go then that the occupier pays in rent? Is this paying Peter and Robbing Paul or just more smoke and mirrors from the present Govt?
  2. Possibly the difference between what the occupier pays and the market rate if they're moved out to private sector properties?

    That said, £2B does seem a lot.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    No, I dont think so, the report states that the MOD pays £300 per month....about the same as rent for the occupier.
  4. [​IMG]

    Smoke and mirrors? Never! I have it on good authority that Mrs Brooon places all her faith in the old Jedi mind trick. "These aren't the stealth taxes you're looking for. We are the government of the people. Your future is safe in our hands ........'
  5. Hang on, wasn't the point of the MOD selling the houses to private companies, and then renting them back, to save money and improve conditions as the Private Company would be responsible for their upkeep?
  6. ....and probably, if you dig deep enough, find what politician is part of the private company :tp:
  7. I've just had a second look at the article, and it's not really clear what the set-aside is for. It's also not clear how much of that £5Bn is supposed to be capital funding and how much is revenue funding.

    If the £2Bn is revenue funding over the length of the project then there is no significant issue. The money passes through MOD, essentially the department acts as a rent collection agency on behalf of Allington.
  8. Dunno, but married quarters at Rowner 2 & 3 were slums unfit for human habitation in the early 70's so nothings changed there then.
  9. HMRC (Previously Inland Revenue and Customs) used to have their own courier service
    To save money they decided they could use private courier services
    ie instead of paying a government courier £13k a year, plus van and fuel
    the would save money by paying a private courier £52k a year for each courier released (no I can not make the sums add up either)

    Now instead of a secure PVd courier who works within the gubernment
    we have whitevan man, fresh from the unemployed queue, who if he does not drive a white van will not get anymore benefit

    It is now the same thing for servicemens housing, build and maintain yourself, pay yourself rent, or pay the KRAY twins £10bn a year to house 20k families, you now it saves costs :)

    I used to live in MQs Rosyth, brandnew brick built three bedroomed homes, and kept maintained, they are still there and sold off recently to private companies at £5k each, a lick of paint, double glazing and voila, new estate homes available from £125k, visit our showhouse bugger me old jack mchammocklashings gaff

  10. I remember them well, lived there too!.

    Same bollox happened with the MQ's in Rowner. MOD kept the concrete pigpens up at Rowner 3 and flogged the well built and popular brick built homes off Nicholas Avenue to a developer for a song, who promptly made a mint.
  11. I would not have called them slums in the early 1960s, so who changed them into slums?
  12. Well the "concrete cancer" didn't help :thumright:
  13. Do they still put boxes of OMO washing powder on the window sill ?
  14. Well Rowner 1, chacon city, was only built in 65/66, we lived in them for a bit. Rowner 2, the big neo-stalinist system built block at Nimrod Drive was late 60's and pretty piss poor construction… Rowner 3, over by Deadalus caravan park, poured concrete slums from the get go, everyone hated them.

    As for the blocks of flats in Rowner 1, the balconies started dropping off… quality!

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