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My partner is in the process of joining the navy and we are getting married in August. I was wondering how soon after the wedding we would be able to apply for naval housing? Do you have to wait a set amount of time or can you do it straight away?
Also as we don’t have children yet, what kind of property are we likely to get? I’ve been told we might get a flat.
Any info on this would be great :)


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6 months from signing on. The reason being he has a PVR option up until the 6 month point, after which he is in for roughly 4 years (depending on which branch he is in and the return of service required). The MoD have been caught before where people have been given a MQ, then put their notice and the MoD then have to spend a fortune evicting them.


After the 6 month trading period has finished you can get the keys around 28 days prior to the wedding date. However here's the stupid bit, the non serving spouse is not allowed into the property until you are married. It's a joke but what we were told.

Im pretty sure you can apply out of entitlement, if they are empty then it's worth a try.

The forces do have flats, yes. I know they have them in the Portsmouth areas. 2 beds if I remember right, Kitchen, living /dining room. Basic but OK.

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