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Married Quarters water rates charges


Dear All, Does anyone have any idea weather people living in Married Quarters are supposed to pay water rates?. I have lived in an RN Married Quarter for nearly 17 years and was under the impression that water rates are part of the MQ rent, but yesterday received a letter from southern water claiming that I am receiving water and sewage services but do not appear to be in their customer database. :? :?
I'd check with the DHE where your MQs are registered.

You don't say where the MQ is, but the office is most likely NELSON, DRAKE or NEPTUNE.


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Last time I lived in a MQ- 2 years ago, my water rates were paid as part of my MQ rent. I had a similar letter to yours, took it to DHE office, they took it off me and told me they would contact water company. That was the last I heard of it.


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I had a similar problem when I moved from my own house into a MQ. I provided Southern Water with my new address for them to send my refund and they sent me a bill for the MQ instead!!

I contacted them via the customer service number on the bill and informed them of their error, they didn't have my new address down as MOD Property. They did pass it on to the appropriate department and eventually, after their investigations, they acknowledged it was a MQ and closed the account refunding me accordingly.

So it seems if you contact either the DHE or the water board, you will get the situation sorted - eventually!
I've just had a letter from SWW telling me that they have been contacted by "Brey Services" and as such, they will be fitting water meters to all of their houses "in the area". Rang ModERN (the people you ring with problems) only for them to tell me that they aren't interested and its none of their business!!
Waiting until tomorrow to ring the local DHE type office (Crownhill is my nearest) for an argument about why I haven't received any correspondance from them as I'm sure that I have some form of tennants rights to be informed of anything like this, as I pay water rates in with my monthly MQ charges.
Live in a MQ=Second class citizen


I am currently living in MQ in fareham, my water company sent me a bill, expecting me to send payment.. i was always under the impression that water rates were payed for you.. so i rang DHE, they confirmed, i didnt need to pay water bills. rang the water company and told them i was in Naval Accom and they ticked a little box on their computer and now i dont get any bills...

therefore, in conclusion, no you dont need to pay water in MQ :D
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