Married Quarters Plymouth

Welcome you're best off contacting the HIVE at HMS Drake to be honest.

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Hopefully the Hive should have given you the accommodation overview. If they haven't then ask for it. This will give you details of where all the SFA estates are and what grades of houses they contain. This will allow you to see where you can and can't live.

If you can, once you know where you can bid for, I suggest a recce visit. No substitute for getting around the patches and having a look about.

I've lived in Eggbuckland SFA in the past, nice area and nice houses, although gardens were hilly! But then most of Guzz is!

That was my first MQ having moved down from the Wirral!
i will be moving from the wirral too ,, dreading the move what area do you think would be best as have a 3 year old and dont fancy bein too far away from everything i.e dockyard,town,doctors and schools
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