Married Quarters in Guzz


Been drafted to a few ships in my time in Guzz and never lived ashore. I've now got a draft back to Guzz but this time I'm married, can anyone tell me where the decent MQ's are but more importantly the ones to avoid ?



Theres not many left to choose from mate , most of them have been sold off over the years , I've been outside 11 years so could'nt tell you the full scenario , I think all of them in St Budeaux have gone , I think theres a few left in Crownhill & the Tamar pub is ok & theres the British Legion up there , I'd be quite happy to live there , apart from that mate I cant help you , good luck though , 8)


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Theres still some left in Plymstock. Longish commute to the D'Yd. Some in Torpoint, if you don't mind using the Ferry. Crownhill is OK. The only place you needed to avoid was Barne Barton (Sx Bodo), but they've all been sold on


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I once agreed to buy a car off a submariner living on the Budo patch. When I went round the next day to pick it up the bumpers had been nicked off it. The council used the old patch to re-house the worst Swilly families when they decided to turn Swilly into "North Prospect". Nice!


crownhill avoid!!! half sold off to council plymostock seems to be flavour of the month but there is a little known patch on the moors that you could try for.


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Found St. Budo O.K. when i lived there but moved to Plymstock after that and was really nice. Bought a house there in the end but that was a looooonnngg time ago.
There is a decent patch in Plympton but like Plymstock it is a fair way from the Dockyard. The quarters however are fine and the area is sound.

the only thing to watch out for is if you have young kids, or like your garden as a lot of the gardens are useless because they all on a slope.



Concur with all said above especially that about Crownhill. Torpoint is okay at the moment and obviously convenient. However, the best kept secret of Guzz MQs is Crapstone. That's the MQs up on the moor. It's about 20-30 mins, depending on traffic, to the dockyard and the houses themselves, although "tired" are perfectly habitable and you live on Dartmoor!!!

Good luck

I think Crapstone is slowly sinking into a load of mineshafts!!
Could be totally wrong and sorry if I am but best to check first, eh!

I'm in Widewell and its ok, close to the moors, close-ish to the yard, gardens not too slopey all got garages etc.

Don't forget that its all tri-service now mate, so you get loads of pikey pongo types lowering the tone!!


I actually live in Plymstock right next to the married quarters but not in them, from what i've seen there of a good size and also in a nice area of plymstock, some in goosewell and some in pomphlett, both fairly quiet areas, the commute to the dockyard in early morning takes about 13/14 minutes in the car just before the rush hour or its a nice gentle 7/8 mile run :) hope this helps, Furny


Widewide are is a decent patch and so is Torpoint (just the ferry) Plymstock would be my next choice and there are 4 areas there depending on how many kids. Eggbuckland is just along from Crownhill and is not too bad.