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Hi, Im looking for a bit of information on Housing/Married Quarters. I am most of the way through joining as a Communications Technician, and have an estimated start date of March 2015. I have done a bit of research on Quarters and seem to get varied responses. Me and my partner are not married, but have been together for 4 years and have a 15 month old daughter. I believe I will predominately be based at Chicksands for around a year/18 months for training and wondered at what point I will be able to apply? (If I am eligible of course).

Thanks in advance.
Having lived in Chicksands, the best option is actually to have a quarter in or around RAF Henlow. It's better served by public transport, has a better variety of shops, is a 20 minute drive from Hitchin/30 minute drive from Letchworth Garden City and the quarters are in a much better overall standard than Chicksands. There is a Facebook page: WAGS of Henlow, where there is an extremely good support network, but also there is less expectation to adapt to the RAF side of life when you're not in the RAF. In Chicksands, despite being tri-service, is very heavy on living to the Army standard (including the wives attempting to wear the rank of their husbands and ordering serving personnel around - just f*** them off if they do so, the chain of command can do naff all about it unless you're rude). Chicksands has the nicer area, but if you're going to be training there, you'll be sick of the place. If you need any other info, feel free to give me a shout.
Get Married. The various rules and priorities will work hugely in your favour. You may be disgusted, offended or simply bemused by this suggestion and bleat about how life isn't fair and discrimination etc, but you have a child and if your relationship is 'like being married' then do it. Life isn't fair and the Armed forces are 30 years behind modern society when it comes to this sort of thing. Accept it - otherwise, all the other 'unfair' things will annoy you too. I once worked with a guy who had been with his girlfriend for 10 years and they had 3 children. They were married - except for the piece of paper- and he was getting seen off for the allowance and perks. He told me he was scared of getting married - it was a big step. huh? 10 years and three kids - seriously!Apologies for the rant, but you'll be better treated for it and you don't need to spend a fortune on the wedding. Marriage is about the rest of your life, not the one day.I concur with the comments made about the army though.


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Redbull, I'm in exactly the same position myself. Same branch, entry date only I have two children.
I'm looking at either a quick thing after Raleigh to make it official then do it properly at a later date or renting in the local area.
Thanks for all the information and advice, plenty to think about now anyway... :)
For the guys that advised about looking into living near RAF Henlow, would I just apply in the usual way but specify there as my preference? And is it after initial training that I can apply?
It's just a case of selecting RAF Henlow as your preferred living area. There's effectively two estates - in the wire is very nicely maintained, however the front gate are absolute arses for visitors. The outer estate is not so well looked after, but you can have as many visitors as your heart desires without the snowdrops getting too precious.
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