Married Quarters for HMS Collingwood

Hi everyone, I am new to this site so I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong section. My hubby is getting posted to HMS Collingwood next month and we need to know the names of the areas of MQ's. We have already been told several times to stay away from Rowner, but really need to know some decent areas. We are after OR ranks quarters...I think you guys call them Ratings. We are army, so apologies for not quite knowing your lingo yet...I am sure we will get there.

Thanks in advance :)
Hi, thanks for that, but have done. Hive at Collingwood have a recorded message saying that they are out of office until today! But they are still not answering. Have tried to send them an email, but that came winging its way back saying "address unknown". Have also tried HIC at Aldershot..they are closed until tomorrow morning and have also tried my hubby's site commanders office and there is no reply there. Ah well, will keep on trying tomorrow. :)
When I was on Mechs course at Collingrad (1978 - 80) we lived on Harcourt Road in Percy Bilton built MQs. They were very close, very new and very good. Almost thirty-five years on They would still be close if not so new but I can't comment on their other attribute.
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