Married quarters entitlement?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Snowman91, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Hello,

    I am getting married in July/August and am curious about the MQ. At the time of posting this (12-03-14) I am waiting to take my physical at the end of the month and assuming I pass that first time my AFCO officer informed me that I will get a date for Raleigh towards the start of next year or late this year if recruits drop out of the process.

    Is one eligible for MQs after passing out of phase one, or phase two? Or is there an x amount of time to be served before becoming eligible?

    I tried contacting the RN website's live-chat function but could not get on and am posting from work so can not phone the AFCO.

  2. Generally you will not be entitled to a MQ for the first 6 months, when your PVR window closes. This is to stop people joining up, getting a MQ and then promptly PVR'ing and refusing to move from the MQ. You also normally need a greater than 6 months draft, say to Plymouth for arguments sake, to qualify for a MQ. This site may help..
  3. Thank you Wrecker, that's most helpful.
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  5. That's the same site NS ;)
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    Whoops, missed your link.

    I like repeating things, the OP has it in stereo now. Did I say I like repeating things?
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  7. Say again your last, over!
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    There was me thinking that it was only Sumo

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