Married Quarters - Economy 7 Electric Meter Question

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by shazam21, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone else living in MQ's has an Economy 7 electric meter like my property?
    I don't want to bang on about the pros and cons of economy 7 or a domestic tariff etc, suffice to say my usage isn't conducive with an economy 7 tariff, and my energy supplier say that I need a new meter installing. Obviously that would be up to DIO and I doubt very much they'd entertain that. However why there is an Economy 7 meter fitted to a property that doesn't have storage heaters is beyond me....

    Has anyone else had any experience of such a problem? Any suggestions or advice is most welcome.

    I think I may have to change supplier to one that will allow me to be billed one a normal tariff, taking both meter readings in to account.

  2. Shazam

    It might be worth running this one on Rear Party as well:

    Patch and Pads
  3. Donkeys years ago I had a quarter with night storage heaters and occupants were allowed to have Eco 7 meters fitted as they were done free of charge. There was no comeback from Defence Housing either as they saw it as a bonus others fitting them. Your MQ may have had storage heaters at one time and the meter was fitted to accomodate them but has since been converted or upgraded.
  4. Last quarter I was in had an economy 7 meter.
    No storage heaters or anything like that.
    The only way to take advantage of it was to run the washing machine at night on a timer.

  5. Thanks for the responses... I think I might be investing in a timer socket then! :)

    I'll also re-post in the link, thanks Soleil

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