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Does anyone have any experience of Churchill in Helensburgh? I am looking for temporary accomodation while my husband is in Faslane and I think we may be able to get a MQ for a few weeks but I know nothing about the place. Anyone know anything?

I had a short term let MQ a few years back when I brought wifey and kids up for a short while during one of my sentences up there. The MQ wasn't too bad and they had a bus going from the estate to the base and back.

Like I say, it was a few years ago now so may have changed. There will be some contact numbers about somewhere, I'm sure Sol will have them to hand.
Cheers, I am trying to work out if its family friendly as I have 2 boys under 2.. any thoughts? Playgrounds etc, local bus services, distance to helensburgh etc?
Welcome to Rum Ration, ktantam.

I can't offer personal experience of the Churchill Estate, but I can tell you that the Faslane HIVE is very helpful, if you need to speak to someone actually local to there. You can reach the HIVE at Faslane on 01436 678 029 - it's open from 0800 - 1530 Monday - Thursday, 0800 - 1500 on Fridays.

There is, by the way, a parallel website to Rum Ration called Rear Party; there is at least one thread on there about Helensburgh; some of the women who have contributed to it are living there at the moment, so they may be a good source of support for you:

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