Discussion in 'The Corps' started by montfish, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I had a moment of weakness this weekend and asked my zero alpha for her fair hand in marriage.

    Do i still have to ask the CO for permission to marry?
    Is it a pukka requirement or a formality (or just an old school buzz?)

    many thanks
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Congrats mate....tell her the CO has to give permission, then if you change your mind before the fateful day you can tell her that permission has been refused
  3. That's naughty Janner.(Not to mention alot of expense for nothing other than pre-wedding nerves).
    I am sure all will be well. Congratulations Montfish, sweet, all the very best.
  4. Congrats Montfish.
    I joined the club nearly 3 years ago and can recommend it. I think the permission thing is just a formality and not strictly required.
  5. There is no longer any requirement to ask the CO but there is a very real need to inform Imprest and the CSM after the event 'cos it may effect cash in the hand!

  6. Congratulations Montfish :)
  7. cheers thanks for the congrats and advice (espesh janner haha)
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    It's one of those old traditions, worth doing just do he is aware of what his men are doing.

    Defiantly talk to the UPO, it can change allowances etc. Also can affect tax and such like. Remember to update any Will you have.

    One of my old CO's wife used to write to the new bride and give her the low down on married life, MQs and letting her know that she was on the end of a telephone if she wanted a chat.
  9. Congratulations mate. I too asked my better half to marry me about a month ago and i have to say it's the best move i have ever made.

    Good luck Royal (from a time served Royal)
  10. Hoofin news! Im tying the triple bowline next year. My other half is in the Navy and it was a real challenge getting insurance which I recommend you do.
    Definitely tell your HOD to ensure you get the time off!
    Are you going to live in a married patch?
  11. Ahhhhh

    Good luck all, I'm taking the plunge June 7th ^_^;
  12. ......congrats Wonderer, two time loser myself. :thumright:
  13. Congrats everyone.

    Guns is correct that you'll all have to update your wills as marriage will null and void an exisiting will. (Also bear in mind that divorce does not do the same thing so you need to change it on your own)

    While you're getting all your documents in order also prepare a POA (Power of Attorney) for things like your personal care should you require someone to make health decisions for you, property (real or personal) and financial. Many a spouse has been caught in the neverending trap of trying to get things done while their spouse has deployed only to discover that without a POA, even the pay office won't speak to them.

    Remember to complete a "where is it?" list for your spouse so that he/she knows who to contact in an emergency, list off insurance details for cars, bikes, household, real property, where documents are.

    A good idea is also to check out service and trades in your area. Nothing worse than having a pipe burst and not knowing who to trust to come and fix it, or the car, or the TV/electronics while a spouse is deployed or on course. If you can, arrange an account with them to cover any emergency work should your spouse require it while you are away. Saves major aggro on those calls home if it can be dealt with without drama.

    For wedding prezzies, ask/suggest for things like a subscription to the RAC for car emergencies, a safety deposit box in a bank or a fire proof box you can keep at home, ask for a year's home insurance coverage as a gift, or even prepaid legal fees to get a new will drawn up.
  14. i did the formalities before i was getting married and my CO seemed impressed that i kept with tradition

    if he'd said no, then i would have told him to rod off, but it all went smoothly and my write up was surprisingly great afterwards :)
  15. Arrange to get married in Newquay. do the stag do the day before and go surfing. If you change your mind you can pretend to have been washed out to sea
  16. It must be the year of marriage!!
    I am getting married 21st June 2008 in the Kings Chapel Gibraltar.
    Life is good again after losing my late husband Ken to Cancer.
    There is a God
  17. Thats what im doing next June! (getting married in Newquay that is) :thumright:
  18. Cogratulations Morse, couldn't happen to a nicer ex PO.
  19. Oh Well! I did it, and it was a good day too.
    (from what I can remember) :pukel:
  20. I had a wonderful Church Wedding, but then, on the way to the reception..............................................................

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