Marriage visa For US citizen to come to UK

My wife is an american citizen and i am a british citizen serving in the royal navy. Need some help on how to get a marriage visa for my wife and son to come to the UK.

Everyone i have spoken to in the UK don't have a clue and when i have found someone who knows about the visa in america tells me both of us have to be 21 and when i try to explain to them that you dont (UK Border Agency | Changes to the Immigration Rules - minimum age for armed forces marriage visas) as shown in that link they dont want to listen because they have assured themselves they are correct. If i was to just fill out the paperwork online there is no option to say i am in the Royal Navy therefore they will just send the paperwork back and say sorry your not 21. Why dont the people who issue the visas KNOW these laws.

Any help much appreciated


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Why dont you do it the old fashioned way and send it by post?

That way you can print off the ammendment to the minimum age rules for the armed forces and also send a letter explaining your circumstance. May take a little longer but at least you'll get somewhere.
Applications for a UK Visa from the US have to be done online now and are then dealt with by the UKBA Office in New York.

In which part of the States does your wife live? It might be worth seeking guidance from the nearest Consulate.

Have you looked at the online form to verify that there is no scope for indicating that you are serving?
Contact your MP and make the lazy twister do something for their enormous, undeserved stipend and ask them to contact the Home Office minister responsible as a matter of urgency. If you email them at the House of Commons, be sure to copy your email to various daily publications. From experience, I can tell you it's a great motivator because they will know that the rags will be extremely curious as to how it's dealt with.
Official obduracy based on ignorance is the most infuriating experience, I know. Like a myriad of people, I have suffered it myself and having been ignored by my AM (Welsh Assembly) I employed just such a course of action which resulted in a miraculously sudden and concerned interest in my particular problem.
But first, have you tried enlisting the help of your CO or are things so bad in the Andrew these days that it's not an option? The skippers I served under in boats would have had no hesitation in helping, even the one bad bastard of my aquaintance.
As a last resort, you could get a friend/relative to write a letter to the Daily Jackboot without your knowledge or permission, they love that sort of thing.:-D
Headline: Hero's wife and child unjustly denied residence in UK due to incompetence of immigration officials.:pr:
In a constipated and semi redundant system enquiries from the media to erring government agencies act like a really strong laxative and really get things moving.
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I know a couple of lads who have struggled to get visas for their wives, the Borders Agency don't seem to be well disposed towards matelots bringing in foreign women.
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