Marriage insurance and duty taps

Hello all,

I’m due to tie the knot in December and the ship I’m joining will be duty taps over that period. Does anyone have any experience or know anywhere that I could find a decent wedding insurance that would cater for me. Iv seen some that require a letter from the CO saying that the ship is not due to go out but I doubt I’d get that if the ship is taps over Christmas.

Anyone had a similar experience or could shed some light would be greatly appriciated!



Lantern Swinger
I think you are extremely wise to be considering insurance. What that won't cover is the disappointment and wasted effort should you have to cancel.

You might also want to consider engaging with your line management to see if they can put measures in place to manage without you should the ship be activated over the period of your wedding.

Finally, have you considered moving your date to avoid period when not on TAPS?
I don’t join the ship until August after leadership so I don’t know my line manager yet, I sent him an email this morning feeling a bit jack asking for leave even though I haven’t met them yet! The wedding was already re scheduled to winter as I did Christmas duties last year to guarantee the time off this year LOL!
If anyone reads this thread in the future I have decided to go with John Lewis wedding insurance for £60 they cover up to £10,000 in cancellations and I explained the taps situation and they said they would still cover me.

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