Marriage guidance in civvy street

Hello, first let me apologise for being on your forum when I am a civvy, and also if i'm posting in the wrong section, but I am desperate for help.

My husband served 31 years in the Navy and was medicalled out around 2 years ago. He has severe PTSD due to special duties in Kosovo and Bosnia and other various places.

Anyway, I’m sorry if I ramble on here, but please bear with me. We have issues at home and need to get some marriage counselling pretty quick. My problem with this is, that I don’t think a civvy counsellor would understand what we are going through. So my questions are- Does anyone know if any of the military counsellors will counsel ex-military/civvies? Or does anyone know who I could contact, that could point me in the right direction? I have spent 2 days on the net searching and calling places, but with no luck.

Again, I apologise for posting here and if it seems a load of tat to you :lol: but I’m prepared to do anything
Thanks in advance and sorry if I dont reply immediately as i'm running around after my lo



Lantern Swinger
If you are living close to one of the big establishments I'm sure a call to the Family Services on the base will help. If they cannot cannot help directly I'm pretty certain they will be able to point you in the right direction

Hope you get things sorted out
Welcome Maisey,

V. sorry to hear of your bad patch & hope the various Links above plug you into the right connections.

RR people can sometimes appear a bit flippant but most have hearts of pure gold secreted away yet will rarely admit it.

I cannot offer more than distant sympathy for now but just try to hang on in there please.

If it helps: "Remember that today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday."

I can't thank you all enough for your replies.

I will certainly try the addresses you gave me StixJimboRM.

Soleil I tried Combat Stress today (hubby has been there twice and it really was beneficial ) but the woman said 'sorry we only deal with the patient' and when i asked if she knew of anyone externally, I just got the same reply. I know they do a fantastic job but I thought, them of all people would have had the contacts. Heyho! but thanks anyway :)

Scouse_Scribes I did wonder about going down that route, but I wasn't sure what it was called. Family services, thanks.

Bob thank you for those words, it really means a lot.

I will keep plugging away at it until I find someone.

Can I ask you all something please? Do you think that I am wrong in not wanting to use a civvy counsellor ? I'm sure that they do a fantastic job but I personally feel that they know jack about military life and that the only PTSD they know about, is RTS's etc :?
You could also ask either of these people for help and advice on how to cope, sometimes knowing what you are dealing with and what makes your husband have the difficulties he has can be enough to keep going for a while.

I think SSAFA especially could be exactly the support you are looking for.

This is an ex-Army psychiatrist who is based in Central London and the website says "A Mental Health Examination for ex-service personnel with operational service since 1982 (including veterans of the Falklands Conflict)". Col Palmer is very highly recommended and can offer advice etc to GPs and Mental Health Teams countrywide.

The other is a new scheme which I was told about at a meeting a few weeks ago. It is the NHS trying to plug the recognised gap and the people involved are interested and motivated to help. They are only in the pilot scheme phase at the moment and so the cover is not nationwide but they have teams in South Stafford and Shropshire, Camden and Islington, Cardiff and Vale, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys, and Cornwall. If your area is not covered then please look at the above.

There is also an organisation called Veterans' First based in the city centre Edinburgh so with any luck you should be "covered" no matter where you are.

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