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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by kinross_special, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Interesting article, what Johnny Band should be doing is number checking this wafu wannabe, put him back in his box and tell him the senior service is talking so he should shut up and listen then do as he is told!!!! :x :x :x
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I suppose it depends on whether the objective is the defence of the realm or the perpetuation of the RAF's vested interest. The logical answer would be to hand over the entire Harrier thing to the RN. Cheaper too.
  3. From the article:

    Looks like General Newton has failed before he's begun thanks to this source...

    However, given how much of the RN has been cut to finance the Army and RAF, it would seem right that we get some concessions, especially as we are continually reducing the Fleet whilst increasing operations. There's a strong argument for keeping FAA Pilots RN based, instead of handing the entire FAA over to the RAF.
  4. We could save a hell of a lot more than that by scapping the RAF and giving their duties to the Army and FAA! :angry4:
  5. I've seen a 1 star booty slagging Torpy off (only to get caught out, :oops: for him).

    The crabs have had their 15 minutes of fame (OK, four months then) during the Battle of Britain and done fcuk all since. No history or traditions. This is not a dig at the lads and lasses who do the day to day job (and the majority of those airmen, JNCOs & SNCOs that I've met seemed fairly switched on), but rather a criticism of the organisation itself and the narcissistic attitude of its senior officers such as Torpy.

    There is nothing the RAF can do that the FAA can't, only we can take our airfields with us. I reckon that the RAF should be absorbed back into the Navy & Army, the FAA should be given the attack aircraft and RLC/AAC take the rest, with reconnaissance split between both the Army & RN.

    Scrap the RAF and think of all the savings we can make, not least by ditching their sh!t looking uniform.
  6. When I was there (When it all started) it was the lower ranks fighting. Oh dear look how the S**t has gone uphill rather that down!!!
  7. I heard a buzz "watch this space". Standby for reformation on 899 (replace 20 Squadron) reform 801 proper (After all it is the senior harrier Squadron) and stand up the jumper tuckers, sorry, 800 on their own. Disband or move 1(F) and 4(AC) give them Typhoons or something. 3 Royal Navy Harrier Squadron sorted.
  8. The Crabs would fly off the new carrier? Since when did we have a day of the week with a P in it?????
  9. See this argument has reared its head yet again and probably will continue you to do so in years to come.
    What gets right on my tits is it's always about political will/pressures and the like, never about what is best for any of the forces (not just from the Navy point of view either) and the aims they're trying to achieve in the first place!!
  10. I suppose it would be rude to ask for an appointment?
  11. Urgh I so should have seen that coming- but I was too busy getting riled up about it- and i'm not even in yet! :lol:
  12. Well I will if you insist
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    If you'd met him you'd know why, he reminded me of a politician rather than a serviceman; a great deal of talk with very little substance, when challenged or asked to elaborate just evasive. In my opinion a very difficult man to talk to on any level. I've only met him fairly briefly a couple of times and for all I know he's a great bloke down the pub and all round good egg. They say you shouldn't let first impressions affect your judgement.............. what about second impressions?

    It must be a pretty serious argument if they've called in the Army, when diplomacy fails and all that.............
  14. In the age of modern warfare I should have thought air fighting capacity at sea rather more useful than ground based air forces. It is perhaps time for the RAF to be disbanded/subsumed into the FAA and their aerial functions reallocated to the Army Air Corps. This would save money on duplication and allow finite resources to be reallocated to the two more senior services.

    I'll probably be excommunicated by the ROCA for saying this.... :wink:
  15. RAF have been fighting for existence ever since Submarines became our only delivery of our Nuclear option. They had a brief reprieve with the Typhoon, as this is now looking a cold war relic, watch the RAF wither too a few squadrons for home defence and the usual SAR.
  16. Never know - you'll be back Southside next.......Fingers crossed!
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    and afraid of PT and salad.

    Thingy wrote
    Let me see if I understand you correctly. FAA get the crabs and their kit, but the AAC get the crabs flying jobs, what you call

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