Marriage break up

Nick and Dave are to part, both blame each others members for spoiling the partnership.
Nick gets to keep the cd collection whilst Dave gets the cat.
Bumpity-bump (for a bloody good reason). I'm currently "couch surfing" at a mates flat down here in the S.W. of England as I've been given a pier-head jump from the marital home. (Gen dit). My kit is currently languishing in ten bin-bags in the living room and (apparently) my house is going up for sale on Friday. Sad state of affairs I know - but I'm not the first bloke to end up out on my arse, so I shall maintain a civilised dialogue with her indoors and hopefully come out on the other end of this in a reasonable state. A bit dazed and confused at this time, but when megga irreconcilable differences turn a marriage into something that neither party want to be a part's better all round to get it sorted. Hopefully, that's what we shall both achieve. B.N.M. August 8th 2012.
Strange - just staring at most of your stuff in fu**ing bin bags. Tried to get me head down this morning but most of the place being Housing Trust - there was fu**ing builders smashing the shite out of walls with bloody Kangols all damn day (putting in their FREE updated state-of-the-art central heating systems). The racket was a complete ball ache. Utterly shot and worn out at the moment, partly through lack of zeds, partly through the utter surprise at the speed I ended up getting a Red Card out of my house. Ho-hum......another 14 hour stretch tonight and then Friday into Saturday morning...then some down time to sort my head out....may even actually go to a public house and scoop some foaming ale at some point, but I shall not seek solace in humungous quantities of the stuff......sort of defeats the object of finding out what the next stage of "normality" is going to be. Thank fu*k I've still got a sense of (twisted) humour to fall back on eh? Once agin...this is all straight-down-the-line-100%-fact and I am NOT telling porkies.I have a sort of "Fall back plan" - off to see if I can get my shed put up on a permanent pitch out on Dartmoor or somewhere. Live in that for a an ex-submariner - there's plenty enough space for me:-
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Hang in there Bill, when the women of the, insert domicile area, hear you are on the market, there will be a queue round the block, and the odd bloke chancing his arm. On a serious note, keep laughing, and keep us laughing.


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Your shed looks ideal for a semi permanent dwelling. Let us know bar opening times so we can all squeeze in, most of all keep your spirits up!
Billy, keep your head up Matey - 10 years married, 10 years VERY happily divorced, 10 years happily married again!

Re accom - what about contacting Rummers? Isn't his pikey wagon down your way at the moment? All buddies in boats etc, except that he's a blick Abo skimmer, but hey, needs must!
My FaceBook and Twitter pages are sort of running a bit slow, seeing as I'm nickin' bandwidth from the WiFi Network belonging to the pub over the road and some free air-time c/o BT FON, but my Lonely Hearts Advert has already been answered by a *Single Lady* *GSOH* *Bubbly personality* *Likes long walks in the country, romantic movies, going to the theatre and spitting Heinz Spaghetti Hoops at everyone when she goes down to breakfast with the rest of her mates in the place she currently resides in:-
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