its the bollocks...

either on toast or a teaspoonx2 in a mug,add some hot water.....tasty soup.

life cant get much better on a cold day with a cup of bovril.


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ex_rubberdagger said:
Prefer Vegemite myself but there is always free marmite at work so i often endulge in some when i get time!!

I agree. Fantasic stuff. Can't stand marmite. I did a job once at the Vegemte factory in Melbourne and came away with a couple of hoofing huge jars. Most mornings I grab a slice of toast with Vegemite, with my coffe whilst running out the door. AND it's a bi-product of beer, what's not to like. :thumright:
So, Vegemite is made is a bi-product of brewer's Yeast. Or the same yeast used for brewing beer. There's really nothing to NOT like about it, and not salty like Vegemite. Although like both, one of the side effects of being a yank I suppose.

Have mine with a cup of tea in the afternoon, nice way to pick up my energy. :thumright:
Thank you for the smashing recommendation! Hobnons eh? Just like Marines? Sounds like my kind of biscuit. We don't carry such excellence in our shops, but I will order some. Have a great chap in the UK who sells such goodies on eBay.

Keep the kettle hot mate, will up to speed soon enough.


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Urrrgh! Cant stand the stuff myself. Tried it a few times in an effort to convert but its like pure salt on toast.
However, I am addicted to peanut butter and jam butties, which i discovered as a kid when living in Canada.


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Marmite is an excellent base for a trifle or rasberry Pavelova Its a complete fusion of flavours or perhaps try a nice Mai Tai cocktail with a smudge of marmite around the rim of the glass, Compliments the tang astonishingly!!