Just a quick sea story here.

I had a pen mate last year a girlie from Cambridge England (we have a Cambridge too). Her father was a retired British Royal Sailor, whom retired after the Rum Ration was stopped?

Alright I'll get to the point. She stated he liked something called Marmite on toast for tea or just a snack. She posted some over to me, why not give it a whirl? After all, it's British!

My Marmite eventually came in the post one sunny afternoon. Just in time for tea, Bless her. I proceeded to make a pot of British tea and a slice of taost for my new adventure into the British culture. Took me a few bites to warm up to it, but it wasn't long before I was addicted. I have an English Bulldog (I was a US Marine what can I say?) who recognizes the smell of the toast and knows the Marmite on toast is on it's way.

I like the stuff and it's got vitamins in it that puts pep in my step.

True story I swear. :rendeer:
ex_rubberdagger said:
Prefer Vegemite myself but there is always free marmite at work so i often endulge in some when i get time!!
The same girlie posted me some vegemite( cool to have something from down under) as well. I heard of it and often alternated the two. Like both but the Marmite is a bit salty and I'm trying to stay away from salt.
Pitty we don't have vegemite in any of our shops.

Cheers :thumright:


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Guns said:
Marmite - Divides a nation
A fact emphasised in the funny ad campaign of a couple of years ago.

Guns said:
I'm in the food of gods camp
Me too - thankfully, here in Eastern Ontario there's a ready supply of this delicacy (my wife, however, is less impressed being a member of the "Hate with a passion" camp!).
Marmite, last week the boy insisted we bought some (both the wench and myself hate the stuff with a passion), I tried to convince him he would not like it, but no he knew better and he had to have some, I thought ah well, if nothing else it will reinforce the fact that his dad knows best.

1 hour later, 1 Jar of marmite in the Bin.
I used to love Marmite, then I quit smoking and it was one of those food items that just didn't taste very good after I quit. Cod is another food item that also went the way of the dodo bird after I quit... try being married to a Newf and telling his family you don't like cod...

I miss having a M&S here. I've been craving their Devon creme toffees for ages now. Once in a while, hubs manages to zip into a M&S when he's in the UK and brings a few bags home.

LN, you simply must try some Scottish Tablet. It is quite addictive.


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shag_shacker said:
Naval_Gazer said:
Smear Marmite on buttered toast before putting a poached egg on top. Food for the gods!
yes me too especially with a runny yolk -

afterwards it looks like i have been licking a diarrhoea and pus infected arse
For me after eating anything with marmite it usualy TASTES like i have been licking a diarrhoea and pus infected arse.

The marmite crisps are nice though!
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