Marks out of Two

I'm bored.

One of the guys here asked me "If you were given the choice, which famous person would you sleep with and why?".

F*ck me, that old question.

What a waste of my time.

Who employed this [email protected]?

Who in their right minds would give that question breathing space, who would even consider answering it, who on earth.......?


Over to RRr's

Giving Marks out of Two, who would you give One to?
cherie blair for two reasons

1 - imagine a blowjob from that gob
2 - now tony would not what it fells like to be fucked over.

ps - if anne widdicomb kylie fancied a bit of rugmunching or even a strap on with cherie at the same time i would question the validity and morality of the action and would then join in for a bit wench sandwich.
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