Marks and Spencer

Are currently selling off ALL their in-store Tv's, computers and shit at a third off current RRP, I got a Sony VAIO VPC J12 LOE for only £515 today, just aswell as my pile of shit Dell has just about shit itself. M&S will be selling on-line from now on.
Really impressed with the Sony, only bad thing is the onboard speakers which are **** so I have kept my old Technikas.Boots up in seconds, Google chrome is default browser so net is seconds up aswell, only one cable so no clutter under the desk, pin sharp 1080 HD screen. Had a play with the touch screen but you are left with fingermarks all over the shop so I will stick with the mouse which is tiny, ultra slim keyboard and loads of new toys to play with in Windows 7.
Only good thing about the old Dell was the 21'' monitor, pin sharp so if anyone is in the market for a larger monitor it is yours, Yorkshiremans price of course.

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