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As is my morning routine, I put on the telly..... some dusky maiden aka a right gob-shite - giving it some very loudly to Piers. Seems there was an interview last night in Elmerland.

Telly off.


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Snippet of the program broadcast on Pirate FM this morning, in a 10 second slot managed to play the race card and mental health suicidal thoughts.

One to miss tonight methinks.


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Same. BBC breakfast had some black doctor gobbing off saying we’re all racists.
Another educated woman couldn’t get a word in, but she managed to say the white community are now being silenced because of the race card being pulled. (In layman’s terms).

BZ that woman, whoever she was.
It's big news over here (Canada) and being soaked up by the U.S. media.....all quite entertaining listening to the pundits (,can't avoid it when you turn on virtually any news channel).....all rather sad really....

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