Marking your kit pre Raleigh?

Going on the 15th (and can't wait) but time for maybe a bit of a dumb question... When it comes to marking your kit is it best to do it before i go or is there a specific way we have to do it and we'll be shown when we get there?

I realise my own gear like my iron etc i'll do before i go but those things i'll need to present for kit muster (clothes etc) am i best leaving that till i get there?

Cheers for the answers!


Lantern Swinger
Wait until you get there shipmate. There are specific places on each piece of kit where your name has to appear and if you put it anywhere different then you will be marked down in your kit musters for not having one at all. With 30 or so class members to check, your instructor will not have time to check all over each item of kit for a name if it isn't where it is supposed to be. If it isn't where they specify, it isn't there! Also, most of your kit is marked with a wooden block with your name on it, dipped in paint to be pressed directly onto the uniform (in unobtrusive places obviously), therefore everyone has the same type of font for the lettering and the same colour paint for each item of clothing - white paint for dark items and black paint for light coloured stuff. It's all about uniformity and Raleigh is big on that.

Good luck matey


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