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Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by shipsnthat, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody know what the story is with the MVS? I've just finished in the URNU as a slightly elderly student (30) and would like to keep some kind of nautical interest going. Have checked out their national website and despite the odd news story I'm finding it difficult to get a full picture on what typically goes on at unit level and how the organisation is structured.

    Anyone with any insights?


  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    SNT, it seems a strange set up, you pay an annual subscription to volunteer to belong, until recently Weymouth/Portland had a branch, but no boat had been supplied, a mate of mine ran the branch but has now disbanded it and gone to the Poole branch.
    If you PM me your email I'll sent your query off to him and hopefully he will be able to assist.
  3. Hi SNT,

    I was involved in the Swansea unit several years ago. They were ex RN, RNR, RNXS, MN guys wth a smatering of yachties. There was a lot of training going on back then - Nav, seamanship, EDH, comms, engineering, boathandling, helmsman, and much more (plus the usual round of social events in the naval calender). We had a vessel at the unit so we did get a fair bit of sea time as well. Unfortunately I had to move north for work so left the unit.

    It was originally supposed to be a replacement for the RNXS and an adjunct to RNLI but doesn't seem to have got anywhere near that in most of the UK. This is due to a lack of funding & vessels, or people taking them seriously. I have heard the name mixed, highly unfairly, with the Legion Of Frontiersmen in derogatory conversations which is not helping.

    I have tried to find out what is going on locally in the past couple of months but with no luck, not even a response to comms sent the the HQ.

    As an ex-urnu snotty I take it that you have concidered RNR and that it's not for you or too far away..
  4. PM sent. Cheers.
  5. I would have joined the RNR like a shot (indeed I would have joined the RN), but unfortunately I have a minor kidney problem which, though it doesn't cause me any grief in everyday life would do me in as regards a medical. My current medical file has 'Fit for URNU service only' written on it in large black letters, alas. :(

    I'd probably help out with the SCC if I can, but what I'm after really is some opportunities to still get to sea a bit and do some stuff afloat - which sounds just like what you were doing. Obviously with the MVS this is contingent on what the unit's like and my experience here parallels yours recently - difficult to find out what's going on.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    email sent and pm returned
  7. Some units are horribly pusser. Some are more laid back. Suffered when some Walt tried to set them up as a Third force for shore patrol, anti terrorist group which failed big time.

    Depends on the area. the Ardrossan group was hot on getting peopple from deprived areas training and some self confidence skills - I dont think anyone actually went into the mob after joining - once guy went into the Merchie though.
  8. MVS is still going in Dundee but as mentioned their presence seems to be
    getting less and less at Rememberance functions and parades.

    G :fish:
  9. just had a look at the plymouth branch website here

    I was suprised to discover that there was a branch in Guzz, given the time i spend on the water. there last op seems to have been assisting with the Napoli in 06. I suppose there are worse ways to spend your spare time.

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