Maritime trade operations rating

Hello All,

I have been looking into joining the RNR in the capacity of an MTO rating and before I talk to a recruiter I thought I would post to see if anyone can shed more light on the questions I cannot find answers to yet.

1. How long does training take?
2. What locations apart from Dubai do they operate, do they have UK offices?
3. How long is a typical deployment?
4. What would be my time commitment?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.


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Pop down to your local unit (having contacted them before hand) and ask if you can spend 15 minutes or so with a couple of MTO officers and ratings, they will give you first hand experience.
as for time commitment, it's as much as you can give, however in your first year you really need to be able to give at least 2 or 3 weekends plus at least a week at Raleigh to be taught how to use the rifle, and if you can also spare the 2 weeks to conduct the RALEIGH confirmatory course that would be a bonus. There after, the 24 days, which in Claude's one 2 week course is really what you should be aiming for. However, it is realised that not everyone can do this.

As as for mobilisation length, a good ball park figure is 9 months (as often as you want), but normally once every 5 years or so

Thanks very much for taking the time to jot that down for me.

I will take the next step and speak to the area recruiter. I live on a rock in the Irish Sea so I will organise a trip over liaising with the appropriate persons.

Ta very much

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