Maritime Security Operatives - How does one go about joining?


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However, @Alba the brave , if your interest is piqued and you wish to be involved in genuine assistance to world shipping rather than just being the richest man in the graveyard via entering the PMC circuit, why not join the Royal Naval Reserve. I'm guessing you are located in the blasted wilderness of Scotland. There are units at Edinburgh and Glasgow. Go to a Careers Officer and tell them your dearest wish is to join the Maritime Trade Operations (MTO) Branch...


I currently work in the commercial shipping industry (until the end of April) and have had to get involved in finding commercial solutions to counter piracy for a couple of years.

Most cargo owners simply choose to send stuff past the Gulf of Aden in Russian-flagged ships. The reason being that the Somali pirates actively avoid Russian vessels because they tend to shoot first and ask questions later.


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Not yet but granted, possibly by the time OP leaves Raleigh. Assuming they make it there.

"Green" still takes priority in War Sea. "Blue" courses are mostly adquals. Who knows what the matrices will look like in two years though - for any branch...

So although OP's chances of fighting pirates in the RNR are slim, that's still an improvement on zero...


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He just needs to call out a builder or a plumber, then he would be fighting real pirates, who rob you blind with each in breath.:(
Cheers for the replies.

I plan to contact my nearest RNR unit. I did have a think about it, it's not something to run into if you're not committed/interested of course. Although I am all too happy to try my best with the RNR. The benefits will extend beyond my chances (if any) of becoming an MSO. Although, of course it can give me a better insight and chance to look into further careers within the Royal Navy itself. In other words I do not have tunnel vision, the MSO is an aspiration, but a successful and fulfilling career at sea is my ambition.

Thanks again folks.


Good luck with the path that you choose, and I hope that you will succeed and achieve your goal, just keep going. My husband is also working on a boat, by sea, so I know how much time you can spend there without seeing your home. He is always aware of my security, when he is not at home, so he installed a security system from, so I feel safe during his absence. Our home should be like a fortress, that's what he is saying all the time, and this kinda true, because this should be the place where you feel most secure.
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