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Dear all,

I'm on the hunt for knowledge! I'm having to put together a (long winded) report on museums around the world and I have reached the maritime section. So far I have written about 50-70 large and/or national Maritime musuems but now need to start focusing on the smaller/obscure maritime museums. I (think!) I have all of those within the UK, but need to find a fair few worldwide in order to make comprehensive opinions/judgements etc.

This is where I ask for help, In my web search I don't seem to be able to find the 'key words' needed to find what I am after! So, have you visited any maritime museums in other parts of the world? Can you remember the names and/or locations? Can you tell me? Please??

In the grand scheme of things it isn't very important and is unlikely to effect anyones enjoyment of a museum... But it's a biggie for me and would be appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance,

Check out Greencastle Maritime Museum in Co Donegal,Ireland. Small but very Intresting and well run. Was featured on one of those history programmes with Dan Snow a while back.
Don't forget the US Navy's idea of a Submarine Museum in Groton, New London, Conneticut (sp?). It is where the US Navy have a building 10 times the size of our Submarine Museum, containing a 10th of the exhibits of ours............ But it does have NAUTILUS alongside.
Thank you all! Have spent the day Researching the places suggested. Will be continuing tomorrow with the further suggestions and then start writing about them in a few days hopefully!

Thank you all for the help!

LondonF x
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