Marines unveil stealth boat

CM, we can't get spares for the boats we have NOW mate!
The Dutch Navy gets the LCVP's (Mk5) with the better engine than ours because they will pay for it, we get the crap. How long do you think these are going to stay in the water for, assuming that we actually get them? :(


Lantern Swinger
It'll make a nice gin palace for one of the admirals!

Goes very fast as well! Very handy for boating around Poole Harbour and a quick trip over to the IOW for lunch and back - all very stealthy of course so no one will know the admiral did it!

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That Buzzi boat goes like sh1t off a stick IF it's sea state flat. Start moving anywhere towards sea state mildly bouncy and it gets very unpleasant very quickly.


Lantern Swinger
The pic in the article has got to be a Photoshop jobby. It looks very superimposed and for a boat where "The hulls are designed to produce a small wake..." there is a suspicious amount of ogin being thrown up. If it is stalthy it is only because you can't see the boat for all the spray!
Bleeding VT, they can never keep their gobs shut - this is the second time in the last couple of years they have 'advertised' The Corps capability - but I suppose at the end of the day they have got to advertise to gain orders - but please not at The Corps expense - maybe next time they get an order from Royal it should be in the Contract that they do not mention the RM?
The VT design doesn't look right to one would design a planing hull and bleed so much energy into producing a useless wake; not when wave-piercing technology and tunnel hulls are available.

NZ_Bootneck said:
dhoby_bucket said:
Who "drives" the boats booty or matelot??
Easy, if the pointy end is covered in maskers it's Royal :biggrin:
Bergan, hoofin' bit of kit there. Where can I get one?
NZ -This is the British stealth version. Note the rare as rocking horse sh*t:-


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