Marines unarmed combat rather unrealistic

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. As someone who is a cage fighter I personally feel trhat the unarmed combat techniques demonstrated on the Royal Marines website, carried out by the Royal Marines demo team and taught during training are somewhat, if not extremely, unrealistic.

    To me the techniques that are taiught and demonstrated rely upon a compliant partner that wilfully allows you to perform the technique. also many of the techniques are overly defensive and scripted.

    personally I think the MMA style of combat should be taught and adopted by Marines to allow for a more realistic method of unarmed fighting against a fully resisting opponent.

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  4. If you don;t have anything decent or intelligent to say maybe you should just say nothing?
  5. Take a leaf out of your own book :toilet:
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  8. I'd pay to watch Nails cage fight a royal marine.
  9. Yep, especially if it was that one on Gladiators (or was!) :)
  10. I'll have a Karate Chop, Chips and Peas.

  11. Gents the guy is, like everybody else, entitled to an opinion.

    The idea of training in the unarmed combat without trying to seriously hurt someone, is to prepare yourself for times when you may well need to use it.

    You could go at it for real, but, after a while you will probably run out of people to train with, if you get the drift!!

    Any bootneck will tell you, if and when you go at it hand to hand for real, the rule book goes out the window.

    Your training will prove useful, along with any other abilities you have in your repetoire of fighting skills.

    You may need to fight dirty, but whatever, as ever, you will fight to win.

    I hope that answers your query.

    Best Regards

  12. Thanks Steve
  13. Nails, why do you fight cages??
  14. To stop the wimp trying to run away :dwarf:
  15. Hmmm... website/ demo team etc

    Think about it - highly choreographed, dare one say "balletic"; it's putting on a show for PR/ recruiting purposes; designed to "flow" & look good, and be highly visible to a large audience. Little to do with what's actually taught/ practised for real world situations. The real stuff would be barely visible to anyone more than a few yards away, and be boring to watch, plus - methinks - a sound yank of the testicles; eye gouge/ face rake followed by heel stomping on face wouldn't go down too well with the grannies, mummies/ daddies, and kiddywinks who tend to make up the bulk of audiences at public shows! God, I can just imagine the legal actions that'd be faced by MOD for infliction of psychological trauma etc!
  16. If memory serves this is exactly the type of complimentary technique that was taught at CTC back in the day, by the very enthusiastic instructors. :thumright:
  17. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Those budgies can be pretty tough you know.......
  18. Absolute crap,I have seen the Royal Marines display teams over the past three years at the Sunderland Air Show and the unarmed combat display, by the team is one of the most viewed of the ground shows and I always get a "front seat" and to hear the crowds reactions (1 million over the 2 day event) is pretty assuring of its authenticity, even though "punches are pulled"
  19. Having help the team out on occaison years back at a few events, I can confirm that the lads did indeed kick the shite out of each other. And loved it. :D
  20. I was on the RMCDT in 96 and yeah we kicked / hit / coshed / baseball batted the shite out of each other most of the time - especially on the last show of the season where we HAD to do our best show of the year! It was always a great idea to get totally wankered the night before, that eased the pain, but made the retching from the chokes more authentic :pukeleft: :pukeright:

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