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Bergen said:
AfterSSE said:
We did the old Kayaks up by the fwd Torpedo hatch casing bit once, did a quick surface, loaded them up, submerged, raised the scope and pulled them in close to shore, after we got the old flashlight signal from their contact (is this subject to OSA), guys were pretty slick.

Then we did it with a bunch of our lads (Airborne before they got disbanded... :threaten: ) who were trying it out for their fist time, and laugh...feck I thought we looked like neon white, these guy's were so pale faced...they definitely had an appreciation of what it's like below the waves :thumright:

Ah....the good old Klepper Mk XII Arius from Klepper Faltbootwerft. Can you remember which version you embarked????

Was it????





:pukel: :withstupid:



FFS bergs look at the blades on those paddles. State of the ark equipment and not a patch on the nice Werner paddle you own.



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Once upon a time in the dark days of D/E boats on the Tudor there was a certain officer on board who was either 12th or 16th in line to the throne who insisted on having his own bootie bugler on board. When the Tudor came alongside at Dolphin it was full cerimonial and I do believe he left the boat before the skipper. This was circa late fifties early sixties I could tell the name of this officer but I don't think the site rules permit this.
I have also pick up booties and returned them to the N Sea several times sometimes in some real roughers, sooner them than me. there is only one place for a submariner when it's rough thats below 100feet


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Booties on boat'S ? Gotta be shakey boats.I went the other way from boats to DPM .Once in DPM never went back to the silent service.


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I've done exercises with both SBS and SAS (give me SBS anytime, SAS were good blokes but the SBS knew what they were doing), also,as has been said, served with lidded MA(SM)s and booties who've changed over and even one who went the other way, in the nicest possible way.

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