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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by EX_STAB, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. A fellow who worked with my missus some years ago apparently used to be a marine and spent part of his career on submarines.
    This came up in conversation yesterday with a chap down the pub who said there were no marines on submarines at all. Chap down the pub left the Navy in 1980. The ex marine probably left in the 1980's too.

    So, what's the story?
  2. One of two possibilities, he was a submariner who transferred to the Marines, or, he was in the boat squadron.
  3. Maybe the guy who worked with your missus was one of those Special Marines who did stealthy type things ... Either that or he's a Walt. As far as I am aware we don't carry them on boats as a rule but am standing by for someone to correct me on that. Any takers?

  4. 60's 70'we often carried SBS types for up to a couple of months if on a long deployment say to Norway and they would come and go but stay attached until our return to Pompey or Faslane
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    '60's in the Far East we regularly had SBS on board, this was during the Indonesian thingy. On one occasion we carried about 20 ordinary Booties, with boat handlers and carried out a number of exercise landings with them. Interesting days.
    SBS lads used to entry and re entry whilst we were dived
  6. Hmm, interesting. He never seemed the walting type at all. I met him any number of times although I don't recall him mentioning his service. It wasn't the sort of thing he went on about. The only story relating to his service I recall him telling was one about being in a brothel in the Far East and finding that his "bride for the night" had a set of each!

    I suppose my missus might have misconstrued something he said about having worked on a submarine into him having spent most of his time on submarines.

    Could he have had some particular role that meant he ended up on subs? I understand from a discussion on ARRSE that there have been RM officers flying fast jets in the FAA.

    I know a Crab Int officer who did a submariner's course because he might have to go out on/to a sub. If he's a walt I'd be very surprised so I suppose such oddities do occur.
  7. Could be he was an ex marine through injuries and transfered to submarines to stay in the service. I know of at least one royal that has done that in my time of srevice
  8. We quite often carried SBS and SAS but only up to Norway or in the Med for exercises etc.They were only on for a few weeks along with a mountain of gear such as their collapsable canoes and geminis etc.
    Great bunch of guys,we had a SEAL team with us once but what a bunch of pansies. I Marine was worth ten of their blokes anytime!
    One SEAL wouldnt go out of the tower because he lost his mouth piece whilst flooding up so we let him back in.We said why not do a free ascent and he said we dont do that.
    SBS gy goes next and the same happens,waits for the tower to flood up,reaches down gets mouth piece goes up.Nuff said.
  9. Pompey Navy days 1972: got rid of all the visitors, ready to slip when a lorry load of Booties turned up (SBS ?). On our transit west about, we were practicing surfacing and getting them up top with their guns/bazukis/everything capable of shooting. Some sort of trial for anti-gunrunning patrols - worked, but we couldn't operate close enough inshore to do any good. Cracking bunch of geezers though. Glad they were on our side !!
  10. We did the old Kayaks up by the fwd Torpedo hatch casing bit once, did a quick surface, loaded them up, submerged, raised the scope and pulled them in close to shore, after we got the old flashlight signal from their contact (is this subject to OSA), guys were pretty slick.

    Then we did it with a bunch of our lads (Airborne before they got disbanded... :threaten: ) who were trying it out for their fist time, and laugh...feck I thought we looked like neon white, these guy's were so pale faced...they definitely had an appreciation of what it's like below the waves :thumright:
  11. Maybe he was an MASM whod done done his all arms course and considered himself a green lid first, sundodger second? Ive seen quite a few MASM's wandering about with bootie lids..
  12. Ah....the good old Klepper Mk XII Arius from Klepper Faltbootwerft. Can you remember which version you embarked????

    Was it????





    :pukel: :withstupid:


  13. FFS bergs look at the blades on those paddles. State of the ark equipment and not a patch on the nice Werner paddle you own.

  14. Once upon a time in the dark days of D/E boats on the Tudor there was a certain officer on board who was either 12th or 16th in line to the throne who insisted on having his own bootie bugler on board. When the Tudor came alongside at Dolphin it was full cerimonial and I do believe he left the boat before the skipper. This was circa late fifties early sixties I could tell the name of this officer but I don't think the site rules permit this.
    I have also pick up booties and returned them to the N Sea several times sometimes in some real roughers, sooner them than me. there is only one place for a submariner when it's rough thats below 100feet
  15. Booties on boat'S ? Gotta be shakey boats.I went the other way from boats to DPM .Once in DPM never went back to the silent service.
  16. I served on hmsm onyx ships diver, we had many visits onboard by marine sc's
  17. I've done exercises with both SBS and SAS (give me SBS anytime, SAS were good blokes but the SBS knew what they were doing), also,as has been said, served with lidded MA(SM)s and booties who've changed over and even one who went the other way, in the nicest possible way.

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