Marines injured in suicide bombing

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by watch_and_shoot, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. 3 Lads from 45 Commando have been injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. One is in a serious condition but is improving and the other two are stable.

    It also seems that as the lads attempted to withdraw with the casualties, several civvy vehicles tried to block there path and the blokes had to open fire to disable them.,,30000-1242775,00.html

    Speedy recovery to the injured lads

  2. The lads and their families are in my thoughts. All the best and get well soon.
  3. Speedy recovery fellas.
  4. Saw them yesterday. Two are quite chipper; the third not so good, but is recovering. Anything more I’d best let officialdom pass on, I think.
  5. Cheers for that mate. Pass on our best wishes to them if you get the chance.

  6. yes indeed. Pass on our best wishes, the corps is doing sterling work out there and i appreciate it even if the politicians dont.

    N.B Ex Bootneck
  7. Seen nothing on Terrestial News at all about this :evil:

  8. Good point mate - I was raging about this too, as it barely made the headlines last night or this morning.

    The headlines today on GMTV (in order of priority) were.

    Explosion at Fireworks Factory - Two Firefighters Killed
    Muslim Girls Unhappiness at being sent back to UK
    3 Royal Marines injured, one very seriously in suicide bomber attack

    That my friends about sums this country up nowadays……...

  9. headline news in my local (near Arbroath paper) the right people do care.
    P.S. the firefighters from E Sussex are mentioned too.
  10. Seeing as Condor is on your doorstep that wouldn't surprise me one iota!! good to hear there are people that give a toss. I'll see what's occuring when i'm at sellyoak next.

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