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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by rolling-stone, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. What is the marines general view of servicemen within the navy? Was just watching a program warship, where a number of marines were sat alone in the lower decks(while a party sorta thing was going on flight deck) slagging the navy off too the ground, waste of money, should be spent on equipment not beer etc etc. Do most marines take this attitude?
  2. Only the ones that don't like the fact that their ID card says Royal Navy.
  3. Most RM's I know are very proud of being part of the RN, but as with anything their are always going to be the one's dripping. It would be wonderful to see how they react to being part of the Army LOL


    :) :lol:
  4. To be fair it was the young one's that were dripping. The older one's will know about the Falklands were plenty of matelot's died in service. I also think they should learn about the history of the marines and their motto. It has to be said the best mess I was a member of was RM Poole, great bunch of lads.
  5. 148???


  6. You obviously don't know many Royal Marines. Most of them hate the Navy with a vengeance. :roll:

    We always believed in the old saying that there are 2 types of Marines - Submarines and Royal Marines and that they were both designed to carry Matelots.

    On a more serious note I always quite liked Jolly Jack, especially when he was at sea and Mrs. Jolly Jack was offering Royal a night on the piss and a lock-in at the married quarters.

  7. That works the other way round too, having been at Norton Manor when Royal went to N. Ireland for a while!!
  8. I think it is an age/maturity thing

    in order to succeed at becomming a Royal Marine a level of focus/commitment and determination is required that will surpass any previous efforts in most peoples lives up to that point (and beyond possibly)

    You are joining the 'best' and in order to succeed you have to consider yourself as being 'the best' even if that is to the detrement of other branches of HM Forces

    when you pass out of training and work alongside other elelments of HM Forces you will begin to realsie that just because a bloke is not a RM then it does not immediately classify him as a total ******/looser/waster.

    i beleive this attitude talkes time to develope and of course there are always the exceptions that just go to prove the point that the bloke is a total ******/looser/waster

    but lets be clear on one thing, no matter how old and mature you are the RAF will always be total *******/loosers/wasters

    i hope this helps
  9. What he said; incidentally the paras just use the term 'Hats' in the much the same vein.

    (See also 'Skimmers' :wink: )
  10. I don't think those 2 words are compatible when talking about booties.

    However you are spot on with the crabs.
  11. Thanks for that Wrecker

    Doh on my part then!
  12. Was with 148 (black beret, I proudly told them it took me 6 weeks at Raleigh to earn it) RALONGS NGS instructor/BOST NGS serials none of that yomping and jumping out of aeroplane marlarky. I drove the tilly for them to and from the airport/STUD bay, and when going on battery runs I was the one hanging out of his arse by the the time we got to the main gate. However when it came to runs ashore I was head and shoulders above them. :)
  13. I was always proud to be part of the RN, a bit more social cachet then the Brown jobs and the utter crassness of the Crabs.
    A good tip is, if Royal ain't dripping things are seriously wrong. :wink:

    Also I'd never deem myself so wonderful as to call any other Serviceman a 'Hat'.
    Apart from members of the RAF of course, who would probably consider it a complement. :lol:
  14. Marine = Strength of a cart horse, speed of a race horse and the brains of a rocking horse. :wink:
  15. From a former Stoker that's a bit rich isn't it? :D
  16. I'm just waiting for that crab who used to come on here to materialise and tell us about how they beat Royal on some selection course or other.

    Yeah of course they did mate :roll: :roll:
  17. Say what you like about the crabs, at least they give the Navy, Marines and Army a common cause :D
  18. Let's not go off piste and start slagging the RAF, top fellas to a man...
  19. My guv told me I ad the brainz ov a rokin orse.I fought it woz a compliment :?
  20. Why? its where the best posts usually end up!!! :D

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