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Discussion in 'RMR' started by HARDCRACKER, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi friends, i have this question to ask :
    1: is it the same psychometric test or aptitude test for R.Navy and R.Marine ?
    2: where can an applicant find past questions for revision b4 hand
    3: is the R.Marine taking the aptitude test more important than the fitness of the applicant ; as the job or the service always demand strength and tactics to push back the enemy and eliminate them
    4 : Don't you think that the R.Marine should consider strength first b4 witting test as the USA do .....sorry for using that as an example
    [[waiting for responds ] javascript:emoticon('post',%20'message',%20':rambo:')
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1. Yes.

    2. The RN Psychometric Test or Recruiting Test is 4 part multiple choice, 30 questions in each section & you should aim to get a minimum of 50% correct in each of the 4 sections to be assured of a good pass & to leave viable job options in the Navy, should you not make the physical grade as a Royal Marine. If you score less than ten out of 30 in the English or maths sections, it's an automatic fail for any job. The questions aren't hard, but you need to work fast. If you fail it's 12 months for a re-sit.

    You get a free practice test booklet from the AFCO which is an excellent guide to what to expect. Online tests are of limited value as it's a paper & pencil test, however a lot of people say the Brain Training games on a DS helped them.

    A very good free online Psychometric Test can be found on the Practice Tests website

    You should go through the test as fast as you can to simulate the real thing. To my mind it’s probably the most representative of the tests available, albeit online rather than paper & pencil.

    Other good online tests can be found at: Fireman's mech comprehension tests. Sadly the RN doesn't have any online versions, but the Civil Service online test offers a simulated Naval entry test which isn't strictly reflective, but again gives a good idea of what to expect.

    A good book to maybe borrow from a library (harder than the test, but good for practice- IF you feel you need it) is IQ & Psychometric Testing by Phillip Carter another one, believe it or not is the Verbal, Non-Verbal & mathematics sections of 11+ Mixed Papers. It sounds mad but the questions are virtually identical- again it's the timescales that make it difficult. You only have 9 minutes to complete 30 questions in the verbal section, same again in the non-verbal & 16 minutes for the 30 maths questions. Sounds easy- try it!

    The generic: Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (ISBN: 9780340926550)is reasonable in my opinion, but possibly a little easier than the real thing. The Ultimate Psychometric Test Book is another reasonable example to borrow from your nearest library.

    3) Fitness is essential, but you need to pass the Recruiting Test first.

    4) No, you need to be able to think & run the distance as a Royal Marine. You need well proportioned upper body strength but lifting heavy heights & getting flown in and out of combat zones by helicopter is not to be entirely relied upon. The ideal potential Royal Marine needs to be lithe, not muscle bound :thumright:
  3. The idea of the tests (physical and mental) is to filter out the rubbish. It doesn't matter which one is failed, the candidate is still unsuitable (though fitness can be improved more easily than intelligence). Don't fret if you do fail the tests for the RM, as there will be a good chance that you could still meet the entrance requirement for the Army.
  4. Or even a Member of Parliament!
  5. You say you want to find past questions for revision beforehand.
    Sounds to me you want to rote learn the answers.
    That of course would be cheating a bit don't you think?
    Besides, the questions might have changed.
  6. It's really wonderful to have you guys around in time's like this ....thanks
  7. Is going through a past exam paper cheating? If so, every student in the UK has cheated on multiple exams.
  8. :thumright: :clap: What does the Army do with the 'mentally challenged' now the Pioneer Corps and the Devon and Dorsets have gone?
  9. Royal Logistic Corps?
  10. Re-name them and give them to 3 Cdo Bde.

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