Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi im 15 hopeing to join the marines next year, Can any one help me to get fit and strength what could i i do to be fit and strong. Is there anything else apart from strength and fitness what else do i need to be a marine, any help would be thankful
  2. Hello chic
    check out the chatroom late, if i'm in i'll speak to you then mate. Anyone can be a marine mate, but only a few become Royal marines.
  3. Hear Hear!!

    Is it just me, or do the media these days drop the "Royal" tag from anything with one?
    Is there a deeper issue here? Obviously this young lad knows no better and i'm not blaming him in the least, because it is all he's heard from the news etc.
    Maybe its all in preparation for the European State (Neg Royalty) ?
  4. Probably true oppo. Not having a dig at chico either and you and i have had our disagrements on here in the past but i certainly feel as strongly as you about the Royal being used in Royal Marines.
  5. Nice to find we agree on something so important nutty mate ;) because it really is getting more and more noticeable every day, especially with Royal out in Afghanistan at the mo.

    "Another Marine" this and "another Marine" that
    GGGRRRRRRRRRR!!! Effing GGRRRRRRRRRR!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

    Get it ******* RIGHT!!!
  6. Indeed oppo, indeed
  7. Can someone answer my question plz i wanna know how to get fit and strong to be in the royal marine anyone that can give me a routine on what to do.
  8. Erm, nutty already has mate ;)
  9. Give the Tough Guy a go. Otherwise just start running for 30 miles at a time through Scotland in the winter with a very large and very full rucksack on your back until you faint.

  10. Firstly my man!!!

    It is please not plz. And a eye on it's own is always a capital I.

    And it is Royal Marine not royal marine.

    And hoping does not have a E in the middle.

    Would you get past the test paper one asks oneself??

    Yes the Royal has been dropping lately could it be a Bliar trick to make it look like our cousins are losing comrades and not us.
  11. Chicogiz
    Firstly, try and spell with proper words not text. Its just polite.
    And secondly I’m also training for the Royal Marines and the best thing I have found is to look around the web and you should be able to find a general work of program that the RM work to then you could work to that or add on about 10% to every thing and then work to that.

    If you have any other question just PM me.
    Good Luck with it.
  12. So you want to be a Royal Marine here's my advice, arm yourself with the following: Determination, Courage in the face of adversity, Leadership, Cheerfulness and Unselfishness and remember it's Royal Marine.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What happened to the over whealming desire to be a Matelot that you made a load of posts on?

  14. The Royal Marines have a prettier uniform
  15. [quote="Backpacker1uk
    And it is Royal Marine not royal marine.

    Sorry pedant mode on but if the lad is being corrected it is Royal Marines in this particular instance.

    As to the question, try reading some of the other threads in The Corps.

  16. Sorry pedant mode on but if the lad is being corrected it is Royal Marines in this particular instance.

    As to the question, try reading some of the other threads in The Corps.


    I think the sprog hopes to become a Royal Marine, not a Royal Marines.
  17. Chicogiz your a ******* half wit this was another post you made
    "What is better submarine service or service fleet i think the submarine survice what does everyone else think cause im going to join the navy next month but dunno what i wanna work on out of the 2 can anyone help plz"
  18. No Chico is young, only 15 years old. Did any of us really know what we wanted to do at that age? Still he can have his dreams and maybe one day he will decide what it is he wants out of life. In the meantime perhaps he can concentrate a little more at school on his math and English.
  19. Hear that Chico son?
    Very useful ;)
  20. Sorry slim but your wrong
    Chico posts all over this site talking bollocks and complaining
    At 15 years I knew what I wanted and joined up at 15 1/2 years

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