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I was disscusing being a marine with my dad he used to be a one.Im interested in being a marine but my dad said when you finish your service you come out with no trade so its very hard to find a well paying job.I dont know weather my dad just doesnt want me to join the marines or is he telling the truth can some one help me with this.


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How many jobs these days need you to have a trade?, there is a lot less manual labour now. I see where you are coming from though, plenty people here who could help


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I met two very impressive RM WO2s a coupel of years ago who were CIS specialists - their knowledge of CIS would easily translate across to civvy street (however, the service mentality of not suffering fools gladly could lead to some problems in the pink andd fluffy civvy street!)


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These days most branches have schemes where you gain accreditation for skills and experience gained along the way. My advice would be to get a list of the full range of jobs available and take a little time to review and discuss them with others.

Many obviously have transferable skills and qualifications. The list includes Aircrewman, Chef, Clerk, Driver, Communications Technician, Royal Marines Medical Assistant, Military Police, Mountain Leader, Stores Accountant, Signals, Telecommunication Technician, Vehicle Mechanic & Information Systems.

Your first stop, as always, should be the careers office but there is a wealth of information online. try


Pehaps 10 years ago or so your Dad would have been spot on, however nowadays you are more likely to gain civvie recognised qualifications in the Forces than anywhere.

I personally have no specific qualifications for a trade, however I have always managed to secure well paid jobs - mainly because the life experience, teamworking skills, determination etc etc that a career in the forces provides you with is attractive to many employers.
You can be qualified to the max, but if your a mong whith not an ounce of common sense then no fckr is going to employ you.

Go for it mate - get in and then get as many courses and SQ's under your belt as possible. The Telecommunications industry as a civvie is very well paid, so that is one option for you. Im sure ther are plenty more.

Good luck!!
Lc's/Sc's have shed loads of experience re the boating world, many have been head hunted by the likes of Sunseeker, loads do RYA instructing or run their own sea schools, a great many are in the private security biz (land.sea) in all of the hotspots in our ever more unstable world, instructing or close protecting ($$$$$) This is just a small fragment of the larger tapestry, former marines find themselves putting skills learned in the Corps to pretty good use-never a dull moment with them marine boys! (bit like a run'ashore with the ladyboys of hongkong)[align=center]