Marine Engineering Technician Submariner training post Raleigh/Sultan

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shunko, May 2, 2013.

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  1. My son is joining the Royal Navy & will (if all goes well) train as a Marine Engineering Technician,Submariner.
    After initial Training at HMS Raleigh & four months at HMS Sultan is there additional specialist training he'll undertake before joining a ships company ?


    Shunko (ex Crab,we're people to you know!).
  2. Going by the info on the job page, he'll go to either Raleigh or Faslane to work on Subs and learn how they work as well as doing Submariner training.

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  3. janner

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    Rejoice, for your Son has seen the light and crossed over from the dark side.
  4. Not crayoning but can't have the crustaceans thinking they're anything but light blue.
  5. To amplify on Prowlers guesswork, your son will either go to SMQ(South) or SMQ(North) depending on which class of boat he goes to. Trafalgar class are South, Astute and Vanguard are North. SMQ training (his submarine training) lasts for 8 weeks, he'll then go to a boat to qualify for his dolphins. Once on a boat he'll have 3 months to qualify as a submariner as well as his watchkeeping position, (that is actually 2 quals ,seagoing and shutdown alongside so 3 quals all together) so he's going to be a very very busy boy :) And for Prowler, they're submarines or boats, NOT subs.
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  6. In fact just re-reading Prowlers post, ET(ME)'s don't do any submarine training at Raleigh, SMQ(S) is in Drake so a bum comment all round.
  7. Balls, meant Devonport, not Raleigh.

    Not sure how I got that wrong, I was reading the bloody info sheet!
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  8. Thanks for responses guys,much appreciated. I'm just glad he's joining one of the Blue services,the gimp wanted to join the Army !! It took me a lot of persuading that being an infantryman was not the best option !
  9. Welcome to Rum Ration, Shunko.

    How much of the application process has he completed?
  10. Liked the way you prefixed your post with 'Not crayoning,' Pontius.Lest you fall victim to the auto de fe,that is the reign of terror threatend by the new MODS.:banned:
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  11. Still early doors,he's completed/passed the tests & has his interview next week.
  12. Cheers,Soleil.
  13. My lad passed his interview today,thanks for the steers. A few more hurdles for him,but it looks like I might have to get used to the shame of having a Matelot in the family :oops:
  14. At least you'll be able to hold your head high in the legion and tell everyone that, at last, there's a serviceman in your family ;)
  15. The LEGION !!!! I'm ex-Crab,I'm used to finest wines known to man & Michelin starred tuck !!
  16. Sorry, I forgot you wouldn't meet the criteria!
  17. Not just a matelot, but a submariner to boot!

    Double the fun/embarrassment! (delete as appropriate!)
  18. Seadog

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    There is a requirement that those whose service has yet to begin to refrain from dishing out advice and wisdom on Service matters. It isn't helpful, it's usually wrong, it confuses those seeking help, creates extra work for those who do know and hacks off the moderators.

    Stick to what you know, which is f'kall.
  19. Whose that then ?

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