Marine Engineering (Technician) qualifications and career path


Hi this is my first post here, I'm 32 and looking to join the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineering Technician, I previously joined the army 6 years ago but was injured during training and discharged (nothing that would effect another application to the military). Last year I decided to change my career direction and returned to college to get a Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Engineering, having completed that course I still have the urge to serve my country as it is something I feel strongly about, but wanted some insight if possible.
I have used the search function and found a lot of banter between branches and people annoyed at newbies for not using the search function lol, so I assure everyone I've done my due diligence and I'm merely looking to see if what I've read in older posts is still relevant.

Qualification gained during service - what qualification can I get through the rating path, am I right in thinking after phase 2 you have effectively gained a level 2/NVQ which is the same as an intermediate apprenticeship, and would I eventually progress onto an advanced apprenticeship in this role if I prove myself?

Electrical power/Distribution - This has been one of my main interests during my studies and I read an older 2009 thread that this was an option through Marine Engineering. Do you rotate through all the different sections or get a specialised role?

Distance Learning - I'm about to start an HNC via distance learning, will there time whilst in the navy to work on qualifications such as this also? At my age especially I'm wanting to utilise my time to the best of my abilities. And does having qualifications like this look good as far as career progression or is it looked down upon with not being provided by the navy itself?

Any help would be most appreciated.

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