Marine engineering surface or submarine???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by grimesy, Jul 30, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Got my Raleigh date for 4th of September this year and have just passed my Prnc this week. During the Prnc we had a briefing presentation on the submarine side of the navy and it sparked an interest in me. I'm still down for marine engineering surface fleet but got told I could let them know I want to do submariner (me) when I get to Raleigh and they could change it. Can anyone give me some advice on the both sides of ship and sub?
  2. Beware if you go submarine and dont like it it will be almost impossible to transfer to surface fleet but if you start at the surface and do a few years and then transfer its easy.

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  3. Both will give you good transferable skills, some on here would say at least one skimmer draft first, try and see if a visit to a boat can be arranged. Boats are not to everyone's liking, nether are ships, good luck. I did both, not M/E I was W/E
  4. I was surface for one draft and then boats for the rest of my time. I'd go surface first and then boats. I was an ME greenie (electrical).
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  5. You won't be able to transfer to submariner at Raleigh, one of the lads in my course who applied as submariner was put through for general service. All through Raleigh he tried to get switched but was told no, now in phase 2 hes PVRing because its the only way they will let him join as a submariner.
  6. We did not change to S/M during basic training we went into the surface fleet first, wreckes did 1 draft I did 12yrs in both. If the Navy need S/Ms and you fit the requirements then you will get S/M, but changing track part way through could be difficult?
  7. I changed at week 5 Raleigh. However I believe I done it before they tried to "convert" lots of GS over, when I was at Sultan quite a lot of people changed over as well but eventually stopped allowing people.
  8. I was surface for 7 years seen lots of world, then did 18 years on subs not seeing as much of world but staying in hotels was better alongside, glad I did it that way, extra pay was an added bonus.

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