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Marine Engineering phase 2 Course length??


Hi there, been reading up on a few of the older threads, and I see that the phase 2 use to be around 16 weeks, then around 2014 it went up to 30 weeks.
Recently I went into my nearest AFCO, and they told me, it is around 16 weeks the course length, I then looked on the navy website, and it does say only 16 weeks.
Has the course length changed again?
If so, why has it changed again? Thanks in advance.


War Hero
Disclaimer: I have little knowledge of the latest developments to Phase two training having had no involvement with it since the back end of 2012...

However dot com...

Back then the course was about 16 weeks in duration. Changing from 16 to 30 and back to 16 seems quite a dramatic change. Is this information correct or could it possibly a cumulative number that includes some element of qualifying time at sea/other courses or something?

Training is often reviewed and changes with whatever the need might be as well as the the numbers of troops required to get through the process in good time.


Thankyou for all your replies and help, Much appreciated. I’m just abit confised, as my careers advisor told me in my interview, that phase 2 is around 16 weeks. I just wanted to double check, as I didn’t get why they would drop the course length, back down to 16 weeks again.


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Just had a REALLY brief look at the ME 150 Course (Engineering Technician Initial Career) and it is a shade under 16 weeks (including Leave periods). Other than that - I can't help you. Wrong flavour of training for me I'm afraid.

Good Luck.


I was told by my recruiter that it is 30 weeks (6 months) I am also going for marine engineering and just passed my interview


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I can only go off the training system, the Phase 2 training is as above. This extra time may include extra training. I will chat with my OH who is a Careers Advisor later and update.

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Right! After a lot of digging and a phone call to SULT:
  • ME 150 (Engineering Technician Initial Career Course) (General Service) 30 Weeks
  • ME 160 (Advanced Entry Engineering Technician) (Accelerated Apprentice) 16 Weeks
It would appear, depending which stream you are taking - depends on which answer you get, for most it will be the ME GS (30 Weeks).

I hope that clears things up!


This is correct, ME 150 course consists of 30 weeks training with the first half being theory based learning (classroom) followed by a hand written exam on subject with a 60% mark pass mark needed.

This is then followed by the second half of the course being practical based with a few tiny theory elements involved like on the spot question and answering using theory knowledge applied to the practical task.

The first 4 weeks are solely for functional skills and enables trainees who don’t have Maths, English or ICT GCSE’s at least at a C level to gain a level 2 qualification in the required subjects.

Overall there are 9 written exams.

Hope this helps.
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