Marine Engineering Officer (SM) Training Pipeline

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First of all I would like to thank the contributors to this forum for the plethora of information it contains, which has proved useful so far in my application process for MEO(SM).

I have a question about the training pipeline for a direct graduate entry Marine Engineering Officer in the submarine service. The RN website gives a basic outline, but no timescale. I have spoken to various serving members of the RN as well as the AFCO but as of yet have no definitive answer, so if anyone on here could shed any light on the matter I would be most grateful.

I understand that initially I would complete two terms at BRNC (28 weeks).

This is followed by four months common fleet time, with the surface fleet?

Then I would spend 10 months at HMS Sultan on the systems engineering and management course? Would this be the same course as for other MEO candidates?

The Postgraduate diploma in nuclear reactor technology? How long is this?

I am unclear as to what happens now? Some time at sea I imagine?

Thank you in advance for any help



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Just rejoined the site after a layoff - I'm a V Boat MESM and I finished up my first sea draft recently. You do about 10 weeks surface time on a large ship during BRNC, then on to your SEMC - initially with the surface guys but you then stream to do the SM specific stuff including a PGDip in Nuclear Reactor Technology and your operator training on your particular type. During this phase you do training time to get your dolphins and initial technical quals, after finishing your academics you then come back to the waterfront to fully qualify as a watchkeeper.


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PGDip is about 6 months - it's only just short of a Master's to be honest and I found it pretty intense. I'll be a DO at BRNC soon so I'll be able to shed some light on what happens there.