Marine Engineering Mechanics (Stoker) Branch query - can you help?


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A quick query from me regarding the 'ME Department' in the 1960's (before my time).

Background: I joined 1981 and we had MEM(M) and MEM(L)s, I think this changed about 1993 to just MEM. It later changed to ET(ME) after the demise of the Artificers (last entry 09/01/2006)

Query: What was the branch title in the 1960's, specifically 66-68?
It was MEM in 1973 when I joined. I was an OEM (Ordnance Electrical Mechanic) and rose to the dizzy heights of A/LOEM before EBD came in around 1979 when I became an LMEM(L) if that's any help.


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I joined January 66 as a JM(E)² In June that year I rose to the dizzy height of JM(E)¹ In August 67 I became a M(E)² then in June 72 I became a MEM¹. and according to my docs I became a LMEM(M) in September 79. I believe that the MEO took on the responsibility of heavy electrics earlier in the mid 70s. So because I joined at certain time I was not required to hold a switchboard ticket as well as a boiler ticket.
"Query: What was the branch title in the 1960's, specifically 66-68?"


The clever money is on MEM (sans an M or L suffix) but Stirling was 'that man there!' so he'll be able confirm it.
What Wal said, almost, he missed out going from M(E) 2 to M(E) 1 scale c , after a year you became scale b. then scale a if passed for hook, change to MEM came about 72 as I was on Fife at the time.
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