Marine engineer travel opportunities


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We had to shift hotels halfway through and at the 2nd hotel (Merritt Island I think) there was a Canadian Rugby team on their annual jolly, they were from Halifax NS which was our next stop once the gearbox was fixed.

They were waiting for us on the jetty and Halifax was one of the best runs I've ever had because of them and the stuff they laid on.
Bloody ell!!! Did Merrit Island too. But nothing happened worthy of a mention. Other than drink eat sleep!!


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I am a ex clankie and my dad worked in stores despatch where the pcb's were manufactured for the steering gear controls. Following an opdef for a new pcb he rang me and asked when we wanted it delivered. I asked him to hold on to it until after the weekend. Only worked the once but I enjoyed an extra few days at home.


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Merritt Island had the Inner Rooms IIRC, not that I would enter such a salubrious establishment.
Can't remember too much about Merrit. Out of the three months at AUTEC,(StingRay Trials), we worked 3 days on Andross and four off the Island. The exception was during the shuttle launch. NASA said no aircraft flying two days before and two days after, ended up with 10 days at the Hilton Cocoa Beach. Only did Merrit once. The rest of the time was Cocoa Beach spread amongst most of the corporate hotels. Andross was something else, cheap booze, cheaper food. Now there I had access to the TFC. Only used it one, too posh for this kiddo!! All this AND getting paid $96USD a day extra. Navy - it's a shit life!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D


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We always aim to please, fortunately I was a greenie so left it to my mechanical brothers to keep the hot fog in the pipes :cool:

It was the slinging ' spare ' nuts and bolts over the side after a major engine overhaul that was usually the problem :) .


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I can panther the lot. Have a look at Daring’s global, toppers with ‘breakdowns’:

3.5 weeks in San Diego
5 weeks Hawaii
4 weeks Sydney
4.5 weeks Singapore
We spent more time fixing stuff than travelling!

Now that’s cheers easy. Except, I got a loan on that trip - instead of ‘saving’. Or the latter, if the lumpy jumper Admiral asks.

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