Marine Engineer training pipeline

Hi, currently in the middle of joining the RN as a Marine Engineer Officer, most likely submariner. I'll have my sift interview coming up soon, but just wanted to know if there was anymore information anyone had about the training pipeline?

So far, I know that after BRNC, I will have training at HMS Sultan studying systems engineering, management courses and, if I go for submariner, achieve a post-grad in Nuclear Reactor technology. Pretty sure I go to HMS Raleigh as well to study basic submarine operations too.

Is there anything else I should know about the training process? Or if there is anything else that could be crucial knowledge for my sift interview would be good to know as well? cheers ^^
Though, for administration purposes, isn't SM training in Sultan and at SETT under the guise of Raleigh?
SETT definitely comes under the SM school but ME training is (was?) different. As well as being a D) to ME's and others) I used to teach the general course to officers and never had any ME officers on course. IIRC MEM(SM)'s had ships sytems incorporated into their general course and then went to the Nuc school for JRSC.
I know HMS Raleigh is were ratings are trained, was a bit confused though when I saw on the website for the MEO training that it mentioned Raleigh.

I've not seen that before. Seaman, Logistic's and WE officers do their basic course plus control room watchkeeping at the SM school. I've only seen ME officers on DMEO's course come to the school for an update on operational stuff and used to brief them on the ME training pipeline for ratings.

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