Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wil5924, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Are there any marine engineer submariners awaiting a start date for basic training or how far have you got with your application? :lol:
  2. got my psychometric test on the 2nd december how long have you got to wait
  3. just got to have final interview.This should be sometime next week.Not sure when i will start.Apparently there is no waiting list for etme(sm) just a case of waiting for the engineering desk to ask for new recruits in that area.I heard it takes less than 4 months from when you sit your pt test :lol:
  4. that does sound good im staring to revise now as im not really top tip at maths or engineering atm as havent done it since secondary school but should be ok how did you do in your fitness test and good luck in interview
  5. i got 9:52 in my 2.4km run.Just trying to work on that time and hopefully get it under 9 minutes for when i start basic training.Can't wait :p
  6. yeh sounds cool im at like 9.58 or something so beating me wats ur press ups and sit ups like and what you running traing are you doing
  7. hi yeah im awaiting for a date now for et(me)sm passed all tests so far just waiting for sc to come back sat my rt in end of august and was told last week by afco that im looking at april for my start date but could be sooner depending on myself anyone know if this is about right
  8. i can do 49 pressups in 2 minutes and 47 situps.I run about 6 miles every other day.and some weeks i just do 1.5 mile sprints.
  9. FFS, Get a room fellas!!
  10. Am currently also going through the process, got my PJFT wed cannot wait to be fair just wanna smash it and get down to Raleigh!

  11. Ok then, 1.5 mile sprints. What's your overall time? 5 mins??

    Oh, and my niece can do more press ups and sit ups. She's 6.
  12. woody, I don't suppose you're doing your RT in Plymouth, by any chance? I have mine on the same date, is all.
  13. i am puditer 9 in the morning, work was not pleased
  14. to be honest i dont mind what career i get as i wouldnt mind doing logistics also so i just going to sit the test then decide i guess
  15. STC it is for you. Just ask the Careers Adviser about Splash Target Coxswain
  16. Hi Wil5924, I also want to be a ME(SM).
    I have completed and passed my psychometric test, had my eye examination, currently awaiting my medical on Thursday morning then onto my fitness and final interview.
    I can easily achieve my swim, not so easily achieve my run and I'm currently working on my press-ups and sit-ups.
    How far are you currently through the process?
  17. just waiting for a start date now mate.Shouldn't be too long i hope :lol:
  18. Fitness test 2moz 4 myself then interview cant wait !
  19. how did you do on your physical powell
  20. wil5924- Yeh i passed with a time of 10:02 was a bit dissapointed at the time but looking back now its a pass and im one step closer so all in all am quite happy lol.

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