Marine engineer phase 2 training



Just wondering if anybody has any up to date information on the marine engineer phase 2 at Sultan?
Course length?
Course topics?
Life at sultan?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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From what I gather ph2 for ME's is 33weeks long and it's at Sultan.

Think it's every other weekend leave is allowed.

As for the syllabus and accommodation, I haven't seen any info on this.


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Accommodation was in the aptly named '1932 buildings'. So called because this is when they were built. It consists of a large messdeck with a bed and locker for each individual (male). Females are accommodated separately. The 1932 facilities are tired and worn but functional with showers, toilets (heads), study room, TV room, wash room and drying room. Be warned - you will be marked points out of ten each day on how well you have made your bed and how tidy your area is This forms part of the holistic profile of you as an individual. The syllabus covers many aspects of things that you will come across as an ET onboard a war vessel including pumps, motors, engines, lights. Some elements are theory, other elements of the course are hands on simulator type stylee. You should also visit an old ship, possibly HMS Bristol to see get a taste of what it all looks like. You will be required to work some weekends. You will get some weekends off. You will visit a training establishment in South Wales - Tal y Bont - make the most of this as you are assessed as an individual and is a great opportunity to try outbound type things that you may not have experienced before.
I won't go into too much detail as this will spoil the surprises. But you literally get out of it what you put in. You really do - work hard and you will get the benefits later. If you ever have any questions/doubts about anything speak to your instructor/divisional staff - they want to see you pass - there's no credit in seeing people fail.


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I've spent the night in Bristol twice as a 16year old on a couple of navy experience courses, it's not a bad ship to be fair although I didn't think 12years later id be two weeks away from a joining Raleigh.


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Any recommendations on the best ships to be assigned to?
The Accelerated Apprenticeship:)

£31,100 starting pay.

With regards ships to serve upon, it's a bit of a subjective issue and personal preferences will vary. Many are applying for the Queen Elizabeth as they know sooner or later it'll probably deploy globally. Truth is however, it's hard graft bringing a ship out of build and many become disillusioned because it is a long process. One things for sure, when she does deploy, the ship's company will certainly feel they've earned some foreign travel.


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The phase 2 course is I think 33 weeks long, the phase 2's cover lots of practical and theoretical engineering knowledge (too much to discuss here) but they get a bit on propulsion, domestic services, electrics, skill at hand, using tools etc as well as a few days in Tal-y-bont doing "basic" leadership plus a few days sailing to the IoW as well as lots of system tracing on the mighty Bristol. Plus one week of your course is spent at Phoenix doing BSSC.

Accommodation can vary as there are the previously mentioned 1939 blocks or the newer "brookside" blocks which are used by P2 trainees. Fairly standard, bare but comfortable. Sadly the blocks are in a rather shabby state due to not much money left in the pot.

PT will be once a week plus rec sport of an afternoon so loads of team building and socialising. As far as I'm aware, apart from the very first weekend where you are required to stay onboard, after that the weekends are your own.

What ship to join? Doesn't matter - just get one that's actually going to get some sea time, not sit in a dry dock for 15 months....