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Marine Engineer Officer - Physics Degree?


I really want to join the Navy but the job which looks best is Marine Engineer. Unfortunately it asks for an Engineering-based degree rather than any. Does anyone know if my degree in Physics with Astrophysics would be counted?

Thanks in advance!

I'm a serving M.E. officer and I would say you are perfectly qualified. The degree really indicates a capacity for further training. Good luck.
Unfortunately after ringing OCLC Mancs today I found out that they require an accredited Engineer degree. Am now considering whether I like the idea of Warfare or whether the Navy just cant be for me! Thanks for your help anyway.
I had the same problems when I tried to join 7 years ago and was told that I couldn't be a WE officer with a degree in physics as it was a science degree and not an engineering degree. Surprise surprise, i have now been in for 6 1/2 years with 6 of them as a WE officer - i managed to transfer when i was at BRNC after getting in via the FAA route. I don't believe that the recruiting service can turn you away without an accredited degree, because what are they specifying that you be accredited for? My degree it not accredited with the IET but I am still a member and have the option to become a Chartered Engineer if I attain an MSc in Engineering (which is possible with the Navy). The Navy does not stipulate that we be Chartered Engineers therefore i don't see how they can stipulate that you must have an accredited degree.

Further to that, if you have a grounding in physics and have done any nuvlear phyiscs, i'm suprised they didn't tryo to get you to sign up as a submariner, as this involves completing the Nuclear General Course which you should hopefully be sypathetic towards completing.

Don't write yourself off as a warfare officer, you'll get bored cos driving ships is about getting up in the middle of the night and knowing how to draw triangles, it doesn't get interesting until you become a principal warfare officer. if you want to do engineering, you could go the WE route as you can become a PWO(WE) for a spell if you want.

Hope this helps.
Speaking from the engineering industry, quite a few engineers are in fact physics graduates, and some are also maths graduates. Yes engineering graduates have studied the more practical side of the problem but often need the assistance of those with either greater mathematical know how or the physics of the process.

Good to hear that transfer maybe possible. If only the Navy realised that Physics graduates are quite good for what they want, and that they would be better for subs!
Speaking as a Loggie, if asked to make a choice between Warfare and Engineer officer, I'd choose engineer every time. Standing watch on a bridge for four hours at a time, day in and day out explains why so many of them are no longer on the same planet as the rest of us (sorry guys & girls).

I served for 20 months at SFM in Portsmouth and had a flipping great time with them. Ever professional whilst managing to retain their sense of humour, plus I believe (but don't quote me) that the training time is not as long. Warfare Officers seem to spend an awful lot of time at sea working their way towards PWO course.

I only wish it was my choice, it looks like the only method of entry will be Warfare and I may get the chance to transfer at BRNC, I think I would if it was offered.

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