Marine Engineer Officer Career change

Evening gent, ladies,

I was wondering if current/past serving members could offer some advice.

I am a engineer (3 years post graduation experience in subsea offshore operations) and have constantly had the thought of joining the RN.

I have spoken to friends/family and the usual "why would you give up all that money" blah blah comments are fired back at me.

Does anyone recommend joining as a ME Officer? The AFCO obviously shows the great sides of it but I feel their answers to my queries are one sided.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


To get useful advice from the forum about being an MEO you should tell us what it is you want to get from a military career and what's attracting you to the RN and being an MEO specifically. Those who have served/are serving as MEOs will then be well placed to offer advice on whether the job matches your expectations and ambitions.

Assuming what you hear on here doesn't make you run a mile then just do it and start the joining process. Don't expect that process to be quick or efficient.

If you don't join you will forever wonder about what might have been. If you join and hate it then you can leave, just make sure you know in advance at what point you commit to a long return of service.
Evening SheffGruff,

Thanks for the reply.

I want an engineering career where I feel I am contributing to something greater. The guys in the AFCO and friends who are in the RN have a real passion for it.

There are several key points for me leaning towards the MEO role, in the RN specifically:

- RN has a long heritage and attracts high calibre individuals. The opportunity to work along side like minded people
- from what i have read, an MEO looks after the welfare of those he manages aswell as being an engineer
-structure to progression and promotions are actively available if I put the effort in
-opportunity to travel, living a life where I live and breathe my job

If any MEOs could shed light on the actuality of their job compared to their pre joining expectations, that would be great.


What are your expectations/desires on how much of your career will be at sea and how much on shore?

Do you want to spend your days being an engineer or managing engineers/projects?

How often do you want to be able to see family/partners and how much control do you want to have over your life in the UK?
My expectation as an MEO would be 3/4 of my time would be at an onshore base, 1/4 on deployment. - I work offshore at the moment on vessels, and spent 5 months away last year so are not shy of long periods away.

I would like to be in a role of managing engineers, providing technical input but have a more overview/project view.

I would like to see my family as much as I can - my current job just now is adhoc qnd i can be called 9am and be offshore 5pm that same day, which I enjoy as it keeps things exciting.

Out of curiosity do many engineering officers reach higher management roles? I was doing some research and alot of senior officers seem to be pilots.

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