Marine dies on motorcycle course

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Stand easy Royal.

    Maybe 'Soldier A' and who/what he/she does has no relevence to the investagation into this unfortunate training accident.
  2. Obviously it's tragic, but seriously, how the **** do you get on a course like this?

    It sounds epic.

    Apart from the crashing and dying bit, obviously.
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  3. Don't get it, WHAT THE **** are you doing high speed training on publicly used road with myopic inconsiderate car and van drivers, shit roads and awful weather? Is this just poor reporting and in fact was an advanced riding course, which is something completely different.
    RIP Royal, it does sound like a tragic accident, with the camper van in the right place but at the wrong time. Living on the Torpoint twisties and a biker I see this all the time.
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  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Methinks SRR, the location would be right for elements of their advanced driving phase. Never considered motorbikes just their pimped up wagons but the more I think about it bikes fit right in. RIP Royal.
  5. There is only one place to ride a sports bike fast and minimise risk of dying, and that is on a track, not a wet welsh A road. I can't imagine anyone in authority signing off on this as official MOD training.
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You're quite correct i would assume.

    14 Int (as was) had a high number of shakeyboats in their ranks and they were a forerunner of the SRR, so i imagine nothing has really changed. Part of their training was high speed driving. I believe some were put on the equivalent courses for bikes. I stand by to be corrected.

  7. 100% true. They are also taught how to simulate a crash.

    That is not the situation here and that is in now way intended to make light of the loss of life here. RIP Royal.
  8. And just as many "bog standard" bootnecks aswell. :iconbiggrin: Having consulted an Irish Archbishop, he confirmed it would have something to do with UKSF/Int.
  9. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Rest in Peace

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  10. SRR Surveillance Motorcyclist is my bet. RIP Royal
  11. As well RIP Royal
  12. RIP Royal.
  13. RIP Royal..

    SRR do their courses elsewhere..
  14. makes perfect sense AM provided of course the 'bad guys' are only gonna drive/ride around mainland racetracks and never use the public highway!

    sarcasm aside - the most effective training is the most realistic training.

    having ridden road bikes since 1987 and raced enduro motorbikes for the last 10 years (mostly in mid Wales) the area is well suited to the advanced roadcraft scenarios that would need to be learned/practiced by certain MOD 'agencies'

    as an aside - on the basis that the following riders didn't ride into the back of the camper van as well then i 'deduce' that this tragic accident is down to 'rider/mechanical error'. Yes i know that seeing brake lights ahead of you can improve anticipation times for those riding behind but in this instance it does not seem to apply (for reasons to long winded to want to go into).

    shit happens but we cannot remove all aspects of risk from training otherwise when the shit hits the fan we will all be like rabbits caught in the car headlights

    a tragic loss. RIP Royal
  15. To to repeat, RIP Royal.

    I reckon from reading the shite in the paper, that it was a bikesafe course run by the local plod and open to anyone, the bit about 120MPH is, well, utter bollocks, having been a biker since 1981 and having done a couple of these - (we all need refreshers) - they do not get over excited if you do exceed the speed limit.. slightly... as they teach you to progress safely, at speed.

    But even on these courses, as we can see, things can and do go wrong.

    A tragedy to all concerned, but it does illustrate, once again, the newspapers will only write/print in total sensation, leaving out, ignoring or even massaging the truth.

    Once again my sympathies to all affected.

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