Marine Cadets to be called, Royal Marine Cadets

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by R12_CV, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. From this month HM has allowed the change of name for the Marine Cadets to Royal Marine Cadets.
    I think that is very nice of her!
    Apparently it is to ensure that staff and cadets are not confused with RMR personnel... :roll: (ignoring the fact that the majority of staff are 22 stone blue lid wearing senile wannabes)

    Conversely, the Sea Cadets are NOT to be renamed Royal Navy Cadets because it may upset the likes of Merchant Navy/fishery and ferry companies.. 8O
    DISPITE the fact that Sea Cadets is purely based on the RN ethos!

    But then, the civvie structured Marine Society is the big purse holder.
    Money really does talk....!!!!!!!!!

    From the Capt SCC
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    :wink: Whilst it's unlikely there ae any serving 22 stone or senile Royal Marines regulars, there are about 1000 serving blue beret Royal Marines, male & female, recruits & fully trained Marines, as we're all aware.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What's the biggy? I thought they where called that already.

    How do you get 1000 blue beret marines Ninja, is there a recruit troop per week now?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    About 8 or 900 Recruits at any one time - 58 a fortnight joining Lympstone, plus a good few in Hunter. (Download: RN Pocket Brief Jan 2010 table 2 U/T Strength RM)

    The remaining couple of hundred - RMBS.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Out of the 58 that got off the train with me 9 passed out. We were probably a bit above the average wastage rate being a junior Marine troop but I'd expect only about 20 - 25 out of that 58 to be left bimbling off the playground at Lympstone to "a life on the ocean wave".
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    That's still true of today & probably why the Corps refers to trainees as Recruits rather than Marines.
  7. In my scc unit back in the sixties our cadet detachment was alays know as Royal (be it wrong or right )
  8. yep SCC are not VCC, and neither are either CCF(RN).

    Hope that's as clear as mud :D
  9. Now when I was a lad in app 1968 it was always Royal Marine Cadets and the Eastney det gave us a display on "quote" the correct way to march.

    The only overweight bootie I ever did spy was a chef at lympingstone and the smirk on our faces was soon wiped clean after a few extra run's round woodbury and the sheep dip.
  10. I might be wrong but I thought Royal Marines Cadets were only to be found in 10-12 public schools, e.g. Harrow
  11. Marine Cadets for Dummies (and a short intro for everyone else).

    1. The Sea Cadet Corps is a charity which "joined forces" with the Marine Society several years ago.

    2. Some, but not all, Units of the Sea Cadet Corps have Marine Cadet Detachments. These were, until recently, correctly referred to as "Marine Cadets". They will now be known as "Royal Marine Cadets" and will still be detachments of their respective Sea Cadet Unit. (Its a bit like having an RM troop, etc., embarked in a warship.

    3. There is only one unit in the Sea Cadet Corps which has only Marine Cadets - Chatham Unit.

    4. Some CCF units in schools have Marine Cadets. They are part of the CCF.

    5. The Royal Marines Volunteer Cadets Corps (RMVCC) is a separate organisation and its Units are located in establishments in Portsmouth, Plymouth and Lympstone.

    6, Just to make life interesting, the Sea Cadet Corps is about to change its name. Stand by for an announcement on or about 10 May.
  12. Sorry NS, by 'staff' I was referring to cadet instructors.

    Supporting info to OP
    Marine Cadets:
    Officers wear the RMR & SC badge
    SNCO's wear 'Royal Marines' flash & SC (sea cadet) badge
    Cadets did wear 'Marine Cadet' flash.... will soon be wearing 'Royal Marines Cadet' flash.

    All very nicely aligned to their role models and to all intent & purpose, almost identical (less the green hat)

    Their bluejacket siblings however, will continue to look and be treated like sea scouts, wearing out of date badges made of red cotton, the sort I wore in No 2's 30 years ago and discontinued not much later. And with a title very close close to that of a scout.

    It's just another display of those at the top working to their own unrelated agenda and not recognising, or even realising what those at the bottom are doing with regards to bringing the 'Royal Navy' into the towns and cities all over Britain.
  13. Original announcement stated the title 'Royal Naval Cadets' will NOT happen following the marine renaming.
    Second announcement refers to the organisational 'Re-branding' on the 10th.
    This means little more than a 'paint-job' (in cyan it seems.. 8O )

  14. Considering the way numbers in the SCC (Sea Cadets, Junor Cadets and Marine, now Royal Marine, Cadets) have moved, ie downwards, it may be a case of too little too late and just rearranging the deckchairs on TS ROYALIST.

    Lets hope not.
  15. I can speak for my old unit when I say there were massively dropping numbers. Could it be an attempt at boosting the image of the corps? Other than the perception of the cadets I don't see what else it is changing =\
  16. Was your old unit Southport, or is that a coincidence?
  17. Preston, Southport is one of the SCC units that doesn't have an MCD, probably due to lack of numbers, heh.
  18. Nothing is changing (from a branding POV). Numbers are dropping overall but not for the wrong reasons. There is now more and more other activities out there such as footy/rugby clubs, horse riding, karate, fencing and even cage fighting. Point is, kids are now getting out there and doing something. For those that want a blue suit, the SCC is there. If numbers in the cadets is to increase, make it sexy! Where's the Damage Control? Where's the Firefighting? Where's the Main Armament Training?
    Get them into Havoc, get them in the turrets and involved with missiles etc. And I'm not suggesting we breach security here.

    We have a very successful unit with regards to numbers, due in part to some of the activities I've introduced such as firefighting training, rope rescue and even fire engine training.

    Back to my OP, the SCC needs to seriously modernise, esp around bluejackets. And a paint-job won't do it!
  19. Hopefully the beasting of young Cadets by their slightly older 'NCO' Cadets whilst the Adult Instructors big time it in the Officers and Sergeants Messes instead of actually supervising their little darlings, continues as it did when whilst on a freezing Deecember 12AM patrol of Condor Airfield (Pick Helve fully locked and loaded.) I discovered the Liverpool Det doing some push ups in their underwear! :roll:
    Actually live in the same accommodation (Other Ranks grots!) and supervise them? You're having a larf Mne NZB!
  20. Yeah it still happens.
    More often from the '22 stone blue lid wearing senile wannabes' I mentioned right at the start.
    But it also happens in on the blue side as well... :x

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