marine cadet unit needs help for Royal event

Hi All

I hope someone out there can help me I have trawled the internet for the last 3 weeks searching for a blues uniform or jacket only in a size 44" chest

I just keep reaching a dead end. The jacket is needed for a male member of staff at the marine cadet unit I belong to in Norfolk for the princess royales visit to our area on June 9th

if anyone can help or point me in the right direction I would be eternally greatful!!

I just dont know where else to try I have even tried the manufacturer but there isnt time to have one made.

any help appreciated

- keep up the good work
Have you asked your Regional HQ for help?
Alternately, I know it goes against the grain, but have you tried to get some help of your local Army/TA Unit?
Several of the Corps of the Army, Royal Signals, Royal Engineers Royal Military Police etc also wear Blues as their No1s.
Enter into some Inter-Service co-operation, a bottle of Malt for the QM who supplies the garment may bring a few offers of assistance. :thumright:

Try the various Sea Cadet Stores (check out the Sea Cadet websites) for this information. I am sure some one or one of them will be able to help even if it is on a loan basis.

Contact Chatham Unit. Total Marine Cadet Unit. I would imagine their stores are of a size.

Regards, Chris
Thanks for your help

I will try some of the sea cadet groups starting with Chatham and see if I can get any joy.

the main problem we have is that we are an independent unit so we do not receive any MoD assistance, we have some good links with various CCF schools who help but it basically means we sometimes struggle with anything thats not 2 a penny.

if you want to check us out visit

let me know what you think

have a good day all
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